5 reasons why Optique Optometrists are changing the game when it comes to eye care

5 reasons why Optique Optometrists are changing the game when it  comes to eye care
Optometrists are experts who play an essential role in patients’ vision, eye health, and overall health. They are trained to: treat, manage, and correct disorders and diseases of the visual system, the eye, and its associated structures. So, when it comes to booking your next optometry appointment, one shouldn’t think twice!
Getting a new pair of glasses should be as simple as ordering a cup of coffee. At Optique, they continually strive to make eye care more accessible and easier to understand. They make going to the optometrist interesting, exciting, and professional, and their goal is to keep it that way!
They’ve so cleverly developed a brand image and concept that is easily accessible, affordable, and unique in its offerings. 
We’re here to highlight 5 reasons why!
1. At Optique, there are no hidden costs! 
Optique provides you with a single, all-inclusive price that includes your eye test, frame, and spectacle lenses. The cost of their products and services are fixed for everyone and does not vary according to your age, location, or payment method (medical aid or private). They offer a fixed R99 eye test which includes a report, retinal photos, and comprehensive test.
2. There is no “limited range of glasses to choose from
You can choose any frame from their range of over 250 frames in any one of their stores, which you can also view online on their website. Any frame available you choose is included in their “all-inclusive price”. All of their frames are made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials (Acetate and Stainless Steel). New stock is rotated every six months to ensure the latest trends and styles; each hand picked to ensure the best quality. The frames are hand-assembled, highly durable, and allergic-free. Also, if you are struggling to adapt to your new lenses – they’ll give you up to 60 days to come back, and they will replace, change or refund your glasses to ensure you are satisfied
3. Quality services and products.
They’ve exclusively partnered with the single leading, global suppliers in everything they do. That includes their frames, lenses, and contact lenses suppliers, as well as the eye testing equipment. So you can rest assured you’re getting the best product and service at an affordable price – each time, every time.
4. Value for Money.
When it comes to choosing a frame, the industry norm at other non-Optique practices, often the frame you have chosen has already been tried out by a lot of people, and been on their shelves for months (sometimes years). This exact same frame is used to put your lenses in and given to you on collection.  At Optique, all of their in-store frames are just samples, and you get a brand new, out-of-the-box frame directly from our supplier. You will be the first and only person to try on your new spectacles!
5. Accidental breakage coverage.
“We also wear glasses and know that sometimes life just happens.” Suppose your glasses are accidentally damaged within the first 12 months after receiving them. In that case, Optique will replace them with the same frame, lenses, and prescription. No questions, no co-payment. 


Optique started when an opportunity came across Leon’s path towards the end of 2017 to buy an existing practice in Sandton, the first Optique. He and his wife, Thia (his co-founder and financial director of Optique), personally financed it with their credit cards and personal loans. In the beginning, he flew in and out every week between Cape Town (as he resides in Paarl), and Johannesburg for months.  Sleeping in the practice (on a sleeper couch), eating takeaways from the restaurants next door, and showering in the boxing gym above the practice. Shortly after that, he partnered with Arnold Smit, a well-known optometrist in Paarl, where they bought the second Optique, where the business model was further refined and the rest is history.

Leon and his wife, Thia
Leon and his wife, Thia


Whether it is glasses, contact lenses, or simply an eye health check-up, Optique is your one-stop shop for all your eye care needs.

With over 22 stores nationwide, you’ll be sure to walk out a happy customer!
Book online today at https://optique.co.za