Growing trend in retirees investing in secure estates on the coast

Growing trend in retirees investing in secure estates on the coast
Growing trend in retirees investing in secure estates on the coast

Choosing a retirement home is a major undertaking with several factors determining the destination. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has seen nature-based locations, such as the KZN coastline, a preferred choice, however, security still remains one of the biggest determinants. This has led to the growing trend of retirees opting for secure retirement estates within South Africa.


“One of the biggest considerations when deciding on a place to retire, is the security afforded residents,” explained Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments. “This is why estate living has become such a sought-after property investment in South Africa. And, with Renishaw Hills premised on healthy, outdoor living in this sub-tropical paradise, it’s important that residents can actually enjoy the lifestyle on offer. That’s why the estate has only the best security features which are constantly being updated.”


Peace of mind, for both retirees and their families, is provided by Renishaw Hills’ state-of-the-art security supplied by three partner organisations. These are Fidelity Services Group, responsible for guard duties; Blackstorm Africa which manages all biometric access control and cameras; as well as BeSecure which supplies and maintains the Visitor Management System.


Some of the key security features at Renishaw Hills include:


·         Impenetrable perimeter fencing which is alarmed and anti-dig and alarm;

·         A central control room which is manned 24/7;

·         Fully electrified fencing with generators for uninterrupted protection;

·         Thermal cameras that pick up body heat;

·         Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras for threat recognition and tracking; and

·         Constantly roaming guards and armed response – among many others.


Andy Minnaar, of BeSecure, explained that Renishaw Hills prioritised residents’ care through a superior panic and fall detection solution which is a cloud-based, bi-directional managed panic button.


“Each panic device reports in regularly, confirming all is well on the network,” explained Minnaar. “Every component of the system, which spans the entire Renishaw Hills’ estate, is automatically monitored by the system and advises management and support should any issues be experienced. This gives the residents a great feeling of comfort and care, knowing that the system is monitoring their health and safety at all times, even when they are on walks throughout the beautiful village and walkways.”


Another renowned security company, Fidelity Services Group, provides a range of guarding services. Among these are access control, as well as 24/7 monitoring of CCTV cameras, the perimeter electric fence, standby generators, panic alarms and server rooms. The guards also perform after-hour active track patrols, and are qualified first responders for emergencies.


Eddie van der Linde, Director of Blackstorm Africa, explained how they provided the estate with a complete electronic security solution: “Blackstorm Africa’s thermal perimeter camera solution allows for pro-active security on the estate whereby the system alerts guards and site managers of any unwanted activity around the perimeter fence.”


He explained that, from within the dedicated control room, the security team monitors all security alerts every day: “The thermal camera solution will also alert the security to any suspicious activities outside of the security fence line, and is picked up anytime of the day, in all weather conditions. This makes it the perfect 24/7 perimeter monitoring, working off heat signals emitted by any human body.”


Phil Barker said that, through regular meetings and constant reviews of the security features, Renishaw Hills is able to assure residents of a safe living environment: “These are also implemented in a way so as not to infringe on daily movement, creating an unobtrusive yet highly effective security solution.”


Book a tour at Renishaw Hills – with all relevant health-and-safety measures adhered to – by contacting [email protected]. Alternatively, visit for more information.

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