In this video by Natural Ways you will be shown amazing things you can do with this reclaimed wood.

Instead of investing in pricey planters and organizers, you can instead utilize old pallets and their wood to create boxes and garden benches alike. Not only is this going to save you a lot of green, it’s environmentally conscious because you’re re-purposing something that could have otherwise been tossed.

1.Use the pallets as veggie planters

The pallets elevate the plants and help you keep them in nice tidy rows. Not only is this super easy to do, but it’s going to keep your backyard looking sharp and not overgrown.

2.Build a vertical herb garden

If you’ve always wanted an herb garden, but are lacking space, try using a pallet. With a clean and sturdy pallet, landscape fabric, and some strong staples, you can create an herb garden using very little space. It could even be placed on a deck or porch, given that there’s adequate sunlight. Be sure to use appropriate sized plants (try basil, thyme, chives, parsley, rosemary, and calendula.) check for water needs frequently.

3.Create a stacked planter box

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? You’ll love how the planters, made out of old pallet wood, are stacked and askew – playing into the whimsy and beauty of a garden. This is easy DIY project will only take an afternoon but will leave you smiling for years to come.

4.Use a pallet as a garden tool organizer

This project is super simple, as it’s only going to require some minor adjustments. If you want to make it look even better, though, simply paint it. You can also add some hooks to the front slats to hold smaller shovels, gloves and more.

5.Make your own planter

Instead of buying pricey planting boxes and lugging them home, make them from the scrap wood from an old pallet. This wood is nice and sturdy and will weather well outside in the elements. It’s going to look great on your deck or as an elevated flower arrangement in your garden

6.Put up the picket fence you’ve been wanting

Wooden fences are a charming addition to any home. But, they can be pricey. Instead, repurpose old pallet wood in to get the picket fence you’ve always dreamed of.

7.Make an outdoor bar

This DIY is super easy and the end result looks like something out of a glossy magazine. All you’re going to need are two pallets and some cinderblocks to top it off. Well, you should really top it off with some cocktails. After all that hard work in the garden, you deserve it!