Top 4 Chainsaw Manufacturers In South Africa

Chainsaws have multiple applications, including felling trees, pruning, bucking, lambing, sculpting, and cutting holes through buildings to provide ventilation in case of fire outbreak. Ideally, chainsaws make these activities easy and effortless.

However, to get great results with a chainsaw, you must buy it from the right source. There are many chainsaw manufacturers out there that it can be almost overwhelming to choose the best. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the 4 best chainsaw manufacturers in South Africa to make your decision easier:

1. Husqvarna

Husqvarna is the best chainsaw manufacturer in South Africa, by far. It’s designed to offer you power and performance when undertaking your chainsaw-related tasks. With Husqvarna Chainsaws, you get everything ranging from heavy-duty to smaller chainsaws for your private and commercial use. You can also find chainsaw models designed for pruning, felling, and cutting firewood.

What makes Husqvarna Chainsaws the most sought after in South Africa? They come with smart features, such as:

  • The SmartStart function and choke/stop control to get started effortlessly and to mitigate flooding of the chainsaws
  • X-torq feature to ensure reduced exhaust emission levels and less fuel consumption, all of which makes them environmentally-friendly
  • Autotune feature, which gives the chainsaw engine optimal performance.
  • LowVib feature that dampens vibrations when working with the chainsaw, thereby giving you adequate stability

With Husqvarna Chainsaws, you’re not only getting smart features, but also silent and cordless operations.


This manufacturer has been selling chainsaws in South Africa since 1996. Today, it has a wide network of specialist dealers throughout South Africa who advice potential buyers on their products, applications, and offer after-sales services.

STIHL chainsaws standards are world-class. With a combination of high performance, innovative technology, optimum ergonomics, and portability, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most selling chainsaw brands in South Africa.

STIHL offers different types of chainsaws to choose from, such as cordless chainsaws, electric chainsaws, rescue chainsaws, Arborist chainsaws, and petrol chainsaws for property maintenance, forestry, and agriculture and landscaping.


McCulloch specializes in the manufacture and distribution of electrical and petrol chainsaws for private and commercial use. Besides the good-looking chainsaws, all McCulloch chainsaws come with the innovative features, as well as other useful functionalities that enable you to do your job easily and quickly. The features that make McCulloch chainsaws among the best in South Africa include:

  • Powerful OxyPower system, which is an innovative technology that minimizes fuel consumption, harmful emissions, and offers the user a lot more power.
  • Fewer starts and stops to let you work longer
  • They come with a primer bulb to inject fuel, which makes it easier to start up the chainsaw.
  • They come with springs that make them comfortable and easier to use under different weather conditions.
  • The CSS technology minimizes the sawdust that reaches the air filter, which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the air filter due to clogging.
  • They come with an anti-vibration system situated on steel springs to give optimum stability to the chainsaws.
  • A fuel oil tank that comes with a clear level indicator to let you see the fuel level while using the chainsaw.
  • They also come in ergonomic and functional design to offer you great balance when using the chainsaws

With McCulloch, you can be sure that you’re getting technology-oriented, eco-friendly and efficient chainsaws.


Besides chain saws, RYOBI manufactures generators, high-pressure washers, gardening equipment, DIY and industrial power tools, and cordless tools. The company started operations more than 60 years ago and it has manufacturing plants spread all over the world including South Africa. When it comes to power and safety, RYOBI chainsaws deliver both.

The awesome part about RYOBI chainsaws is that you can tension their chains without any tools. That means you can maintain your chain tension in a safe range.

RYOBI chainsaws also keep the chain and bar lubricated. This ensures that they are always safe from wear and seizing.

They also feature mechanical, inertia-activated chain brake to ensure the chainsaw doesn’t continue cutting when you don’t need it to.

And here is the kicker: All these features don’t consume extra power.

Therefore, if you live in South Africa and you’ve been wondering which manufacturer to buy a chainsaw from, we’ve done research on your behalf to bring you 4 best manufacturers to choose from. That means when it comes to the best chainsaw manufacturers in South Africa, it doesn’t get better than this.


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