Steenberg’s Breathtaking Gardens Spring to Life: A Multisensory Celebration of Nature’s Splendour

Steenberg’s Breathtaking Gardens Spring to Life: A Multisensory Celebration of Nature’s Splendour
Steenberg's Breathtaking Gardens Spring to Life: A Multisensory Celebration of Nature's Splendour

With the arrival of spring, Steenberg’s landscape undergoes a mesmerising transformation. A time when the earth reawakens, teasing with the promise of vibrant blooms, intoxicating fragrances, and verdant foliage. Steenberg becomes a canvas painted with the hues of renewal, a symphony of colours and scents that celebrates growth, joy, and the anticipation of warmer days. The enchantment of spring is a celebration of life and an invitation to indulge the senses. 

Catherine Schulze, the Managing Director of Steenberg Hospitality, with a keen eye for detail, expresses how the gardens at Steenberg are integral to creating a sense of tranquillity and escape. “I think luxury is about all your senses being fulfilled,” she says. “When you are in a beautiful space, it is what you see, it is what you smell…The manicured gardens provide a feast for the senses – a visual spectacle, a fragrant journey, and a tactile experience,” adds Schulze.

In a world of bespoke suites and cutting-edge spa experiences, the allure of a well-landscaped, well-manicured garden remains unparalleled. Steenberg’s Marketing and International Sales  Manager, Neilen Tolmay echoes Schulze’s thoughts on the significance of these botanical paradises within the realm of luxury hospitality. “Steenberg’s gardens provide an oasis of tranquillity, a sanctuary where guests can bask in the embrace of lush greenery, savouring the ultimate harmony of nature and opulence. Each bloom, every leaf, and the meticulous arrangement of colours work together to create an atmosphere of serenity and refinement, ensuring that every moment at Steenberg is an enchanting escape,”Tolmay adds.

Shedding light on the intricacies of Steenberg’s garden landscapes, Liza Kent, representing the garden maintance company “ROOM TO GROW,” offers her insights. The Steenberg team put their heart and soul into their design and plant selection, which involves a delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality, considering factors such as site conditions, preferred colour schemes, textures, seasonal changes and the specific wishes of their discerning clients. Kent elaborates, “These thoughtfully crafted gardens not only provide a visual spectacle but also ensure privacy, cocooning the hotel’s rooms, suites, and villas in the embrace of natural beauty.”

Luxury knows no bounds at Steenberg – it transcends garden gates and finds its way into guest rooms, where curated experiences unfold. Behind this captivating transformation are the many dedicated hands that nurture the gardens to their resplendent glory. Vuyani, who embodies two decades of unwavering commitment is one of them. Vuyani puts it aptly, “Luxury at Steenberg isn’t a sight; it’s a feeling.”

As we delve into the gardens’ enchantment, Schulze’s excitement for a particular green space becomes palpable. “Right now, I am most excited about the Spa entrance,” she confides. The anticipation of blooming arches and intertwining roses and jasmine reveals her passion for creating magical spaces.

Spring at Steenberg is more than just a change of seasons; it’s a symphony of renewal, a tapestry of colours, and a celebration of the hands that craft its beauty. Primed for alfresco lawn concerts and serene strolls through the hotel gardens abundant with sights and scents of the salvias, agapanthus, gardenias, pennyroyals, sweet viburnum, and lavender. Come see, smell, and feel for yourself! 

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