Landscaping Around The House – Where Do You Start?

Landscaping Around The House – Where Do You Start?
Landscaping Around The House - Where Do You Start?

A step by step guide about Landscaping your home. You can do this yourself with the step-by-step information on this page. With some patience and time, you can landscape for beauty, shade, wind protection, privacy, and more.

Landscaping around the house, where do you even start? There are many techniques, landscape design ideas, and good tips for placement of trees, shrubs, rock, mulch, landscape borders and the list can be quite long.

There are many benefits of certain types of trees and shrubs, Shade can be a great benefit to cool a house in the hot summer heat or to cool yourself while sitting under the patio. Shrubs around the house can add beauty, and can also keep the foundation cool in the summer. Trees and shrubs can protect you and your home from the wind, place them in the correct locations for a wind barrier.

Mulch or rock can accent the trees and shrubs. This can add beauty to the landscape and can provide cooler areas around the house foundation. Mulch can add wonders to trees by holding in moisture and giving the tree a better chance to thrive during dry conditions. Mulch or landscape rock requires some type of border or barrier to hold the rock or mulch in place and separate in from the existing law or landscape. Weed barrier is highly recommended to separate the soil from your bed of mulch, as to not contaminate it. As far as stopping the weeds, well, it may stop most weeds, but some will always get through. Carefully use a weed killer to eliminate all weeds.

Since there are so many tree types, and regions of the country, I would recommend shopping around for various resources depending on your situation. Planning is key, don ‘t just jump into any landscaping project unprepared, do your home work and the project will be fun too, not just work.

Borders such as plastic or concrete add the final touches to the landscape. A retaining wall is an example of one border that can add extra beauty and hold in the rock, shrubs, or whatever you plan in your landscape. Again, shop around and plan for the many types, colors and designs of landscaping borders. The right color and design will blend with your home and add to the value of your house.

Have you ever driven down a street and looked at the many houses with nice landscaping around the house? The homes that stick out have a nice landscape or they have no Landscaping and look bad. What house do you want? I would take the one that looks nice, it takes time and work, but very rewarding!

Source by Steve Hildebrand

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