Canada’s indoor growing market how hydroponics are changing indoor growing


Some people might say this is a bit extreme because it is. Our planet is changing at a rapid rate. With changes in our climate, things are going to have to change. How can we change? Well, that answer is easy, learn to grow hydroponics indoors.

Food is Like an Easy Button

Most of us walk through the grocery aisles and pick up what we need right off the shelves, or visit our favorite restaurants or eateries and don’t think twice about where the food comes from. Most of the time, the food you picked up off the shelf and take home a few blocks away, traveled thousands of miles to get where you are.

How many people have helped produce the product you are buying? How many trucks has it been on? Where did it come from? We all know avocados are from Mexico, but what about the coffee you drink, or the flour you bake with. Everything comes from somewhere. Why does this matter?

This matters!

When looking at the future, one might ask, “How will we have enough food for everyone.” The answer is quite simple. Local indoor hydroponics. Indoor hydroponics grown locally satisfies the three c’s, close, consistent, and convenient. There are many benefits to hydroponics that people do not even consider.

Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponics uses 95% less water than traditional farming. Farmers can also limit the use of pesticides and other chemicals which benefits the consumer greatly. Don’t; panic it’s organic!

Why can’t we grow outside?

Now, looking at the title why will indoor hydroponics be Canada’s only growing market? This information is a little less known. Researchers like Valentina Zharkova PhD., have shown our sun goes through solar cycles, and currently we are entering a phase termed a “grand solar minimum,” not unlike the 1600’s.

I got a D in history what happened in the 1600s?

Well to start with there were many wars throughout the 1600’s. The China dynasty fell. Countries sent ships all over the world to search for hope (food). Following the wars, there were plagues and famine throughout the world.

Well that is war and disease, not the sun.

Well, the sun slowing its roll messed with the growing seasons around the world. When the people did not have food, they became angry. There was less sun activity, therefore less food.

Less food caused riots, wars, and turmoil amongst the populations of the worlds. What does this have to do with Canada and growing indoors?

How can we grow with very little sun?

Well, if Canada gets cold, indoor growing equipment makes it easy. Growing tents make planting possible. Growing lights give different frequencies of light for faster growing. It is also easy to add growing nutrients.

Northern nations will have to become fluent in indoor hydroponics. This method will be the only way crops can be grown above 55 degrees north latitude for many years. While some scientists say 10 or 20 years, these mini ice ages have lasted centuries before.

What do the experts have to say?

Some experts, like John Casey, author of Upheaval and Dark Winter and adviser the White House and NASA, predict within five years Canada will lose over 90 percent of their grain production. This is about 14 million acres of crops over a just a half a decade. This sounds extreme, but what if he is right?

The answer?

With a little bit of ingenuity with the electricity and water distribution methods, hydroponics can be very profitable and extremely consistent. Indoor hydroponics has amazing turnover rates. Sometimes four or five times better than traditional farming.

Mother nature can’t get to you. Bugs can’t find you. You don’t have to worry about frosts, wind or floods when you grow indoors. As long as there is adequate power supply you are good to go. Throw a few solar panels on the roof or a wind turbine or two with a battery supply and you are good to go.

The Canadian growing market must make a pivot to indoor hydroponics sooner rather than later before it is to late. Traditional farmers will start to disclose their production reports and the world will be in shock soon.

You can learn more on how to start with hydroponics and how to select the right equipment from companies like Canada Grows Indoors LLC.

Learn to grow hydroponics indoors!

In closing, everyone should learn to farm. This is a skill most of us have forgotten or we have never learned. We don’t have to go back to far to the time when everyone living knew the basics of farming. Things like farming and raising your own livestock will be a necessity in the future.



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