7 Pro Tips To Find The Right LED Grow Lights For Your Garden

7 Pro Tips To Find The Right LED Grow Lights For Your Garden
7 Pro Tips To Find The Right LED Grow Lights For Your Garden

LED grow lights are becoming ragingly popular in the world of horticulture. The aesthetics of your garden increases manifold. It has several benefits such as a better harvest cycle, the exceptional life span of the lights, a perfect energy-saving, and cost-effective lighting system. For the horticulture buffs, LED grow lights are a must-have to ensure proper growth of the plants you have chosen.

How to choose the right LED grow lights?

Here is what you need to consider as per the experts. You can also check out the suggested brands in 420Proguide’s review.

  • Quality and Durability

The first thing that you will need to ponder upon is the quality and durability of the LED lights. Usually, the lifespan of the items is expected to go up to ten years. Check whether the lights are manufactured covering all the industry standards so that you can avail a prolonged service from the quality items.

  • The reputation of the brand

These days, it is easier to find the reputation of a brand online. Indulge in checking feedback and testimonials from the previous clients in order to find out real-time experiences. This will help you to figure out what you are going to deal with beforehand. Always consider a product from a reputed brand so that you can assure good quality and durability.

  • Consumption and output

The LED grow lights are subjected to almost 10 hours of service every day. It means that this product will consume a lot of energy. This is where you have to check out the consumption and output of the items. Keep in mind that going below 300W is not an option. The output goes up to 1000W too. Find out the right item you need according to the energy consumption and output.

  • Low heat

When you want to buy an LED grow light for horticulture, you should check whether the items are delivering a proper amount of light and heat. These lights will stay very close to the plants. Excess heat radiation will ruin the harvest. Confirm low heat radiation from the LED items and then go for a particular product.

  • Semiconductor chip

A semiconductor chip is responsible to convert electrical energy into light. The chip also enables you to determine the wavelength of the output. Make sure that this chip’s output is at least 3W or you will not get sufficient illumination for your garden plants.

  • Plant species

Consider the plant species you want to harvest and then go for the right LED grow lights offering a suitable wavelength range. In fact, the growth stage of the plants will need a different range of wavelengths. For instance, when you want to grow tomatoes, you will need a maximum output to stimulate growth. When you want to grow flowering plants, you will need a low output LED light system.

  • Full spectrum

The plants will perform photosynthesis efficiently when the light provided offers a full spectrum. Find the right product offering proper radiation to serve the purpose.


Follow these points and find out the most suitable LED grow lights for your garden in the review section.

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