Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in Hot Weather

Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in Hot Weather
Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in Hot Weather. Image source: Pixabay

The sun is out and the skies are blue, which means it’s time to turn off the television and enjoy everyone’s favorite season while it lasts. Of course, with all the free time they have, keeping your kids entertained can be a challenge. To make things easier, here are some fun ways to keep the little ones busy in hot weather.

Swing Set

We found this list of the best swing sets and just had to include it in our list. After all, they can provide endless hours of fun while also keeping your kids physically active. From simple sets with monkey bars and slides, to fully-fledged wooden houses that have balconies and ladders, the little ones will never want to come back inside again.

Outdoor Chalkboard

Kids of all ages love drawing, but it’s mostly an activity that’s enjoyed indoors. An outdoor chalkboard is a great way to get their creativity flowing while surrounded by fresh air, allowing them to enjoy both the great weather and a universally loved activity at the same time.

Sandbox Shelter

Sunlight is good, but too much of it definitely isn’t, and the same applies to heat. If your kids love playing around in their sandbox, why not undertake a simple DIY project and create a shelter? This can be done with either an umbrella, or a wooden roof for extra shade. This guide shows how you can make one with benches at the same time.

Backyard Campsite

While it’s as close to healthy fun as it gets, it’s no secret that camping can be costly. If you prefer to relax at home on a sweltering day, make the most of your backyard space and set up a campsite.

Since your little ones won’t be exposed to the elements, you can include additional comfort features like a bed of pillows and a mini dining table.

Rest assured, your kids will adore their backyard campsite for hours on end. Set up a small fire and they can take in the beauty of the night sky and roast up some marshmallows at the same time.

Water Balloon Baseball

Traditional baseballs and kids aren’t always the safest combination. But what if you replaced those hard balls of rubber with water-filled balloons? Well, then you have yourself a fun summer activity that lets your kids cool down with the occasional splash of water, while they compete to see how many balloons they can hit without breaking any.

Water Painting

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids that doesn’t cost a dime or make any mess, then backyard water painting is the way to go. All your kids need to do is grab an old paint roller, dip it in water and see who can cover the entire floor or fence before the water evaporates. A more creative approach would be to make art or words with the “water paint.”

Climbing Wall

Help your kids get a workout in and reach new heights with a backyard climbing wall. Whether it’s against an old shed or your garage, a few tools and supplies is all you’ll need. Once the project is complete, it’ll last just about forever. The only maintenance required is the occasional repaint, which allows you to paint an exciting new mural each time.

Water Trampoline

Conventional trampolines are a good way to help your kids unleash their boundless energy, but they can be pricey and sometimes dangerous. Instead, consider making your own water trampoline by using painter’s plastic sheeting, an iron, some parchment paper and duct tape for sealing the holes.

Start by rolling out the plastic to your desired size. Align it with your parchment paper and use an iron to melt the plastic together. After letting it cool for a few seconds, take off the parchment paper and continue sealing the edges. Cut a hole on the side of the plastic sheeting, fill with water, seal it back up, and you’re set.

Outdoor Cinema

If you have a flat surface (any wall will do) and a portable projector, make the most of the warm evenings and create an outdoor cinema, where your kids can enjoy watching their favorite cartoons under the night sky. Plot down an old blanket, some pillows, a few tasty snacks and you have the ultimate outdoor activity for a breezy summer’s eve.

Lemonade Stand

If you value the importance of teaching your kids how to work with money from a young age, the timeless lemonade stand is always a good option. Your neighborhood can enjoy some delicious refreshments, while your kids can earn a few extra bucks to fulfil their desire for toys or add some weight to the piggy bank.

These hot weather-friendly activities are guaranteed to provide your kids with enough ways to unleash their energy until summer is no more. If all else fails, a scenic walk should do the trick.