What is the best home coffee grinder?


A few years ago, nobody could even think that a coffee grinder would be the appliance most needed to prepare aromatic espresso at home. Everybody used to purchase ground coffee from the stores and just brew it at home but never before the option of home grinding has been so challenging and tempting than today.

The reality is that having a good hand grinder can keep all the coffee beans freshness and reveal all the inner aromas of the coffee right at the time of the brewing. That is why most home brewers are rapidly choosing to grind their own coffee rather than buying the regular ground coffee that has been grinded elsewhere, even month before the actual brewing.

The secrets of coffee grinders

Most of these machines are using a large coffee beans depository where you can easily poor the coffee beans of your choice. It is of crucial importance that this chamber is sealed when entering the coffee beans and is well insulated so that external humidity and moisture doesn’t pass through the rim.

Some of the grinders are also having a thermal activity getting the coffee beans to higher temperature so that it would be easier to grind them to the desired size. The bottom of the chamber has metal blades that rotate rapidly in order to crush the coffee beans and create the well-known coffee powder that is ready to give you the most aromatic coffee experience ever.

Types of coffee grinders

The blade grinders are the most common types of coffee grinders that you will find on the market for home use. This type of grinder uses the rotational power of usually two equally movable metal blades that rotate in high RMPs and produce enough torque to smash the coffee beans.

This type of coffee grinders is the most affordable on the market, but they do have some serious drawbacks. First, the high rotational power that they exert to the coffee beans may make them vulnerable to overheating them and finally burn your coffee powder.

As a result, manufacturers are always asking you not to overload these machines and prepare one cup at time. Never use the blade grinders for more than 20 seconds consecutively since you are risking to make your ground coffee thinner than expected which ultimately has a negative impact on its taste.

Not to mention, that the blade grinders are accused of making uneven particles of ground coffee when used by people that are not accustomed to their functioning. This means that when you grind coffee in these machines you should always shake them to ensure that the coffee beans are divided equally in the grinding chamber.

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The burr grinders are slowly emerging to gain market shares

The burr grinders are working almost similar to the classic metal blade grinders only that they use two separate pieces of metal that rotate around each other in opposite directions to crush the beans either by hand or electronically. The burr grinders usually cost a little bit more than the blade grinders, but they produce more even particles of ground coffee and never overheat the grinding chamber. This is usually appreciated by coffee lovers who are constantly asking for grinders that respect the aroma and taste of the coffee and require less effort to produce the best results.

The burr grinders are usually hand operated but the latest editions have also an electric supplement that can help you rotate the metal parts easier than ever before. These machines are the ultimate assistants for home coffee grinding and can give you the most aromatic espresso experience than any other type of grinder.

What about the disc and conical coffee grinders?

Lately we have seen many models of disc and conical coffee grinders sold on the online market aside of the basic burr and blade grinders. Their mechanism consists of many conical discs that move separately the one from each other. As the coffee beans pass through the sharp edges of the discs they are evenly cut and create the most accurate ground coffee that you have ever seen.

These machines are sensitive to hard coffee beans and may produce malfunctions many times. That is why they have to be used with caution and need extensive service. They usually cost more than the other types of grinders but it’s worth the pain to have them if you want to consume the ultimate quality ground coffee.


There are various types of coffee grinders for home use and you can always choose the one that is most applicable to your personal needs and tastes. The quest for the best cup of coffee certainly passes through the coffee grinding procedure. Modern grinders make it easier for you to enjoy the best ground coffee always fresh and aromatic.

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