Uber Eats adds Yassir Stores for On-Demand Grocery Delivery

Uber Eats adds Yassir Stores for On-Demand Grocery Delivery
Uber Eats adds Yassir Stores for On-Demand Grocery Delivery

Uber Eats is thrilled to announce the onboarding of Yassir stores onto the Uber Eats app across South Africa, enhancing the online on-demand grocery delivery experience.

Recognised for excellence in on-demand grocery services at great value, Yassir will now be available to Uber Eats users across multiple locations in Gauteng with a national rollout expected early next year. The addition of Yassir stores to the Uber Eats app will provide customers with a diverse array of grocery options at their fingertips. This strategic move aligns with Uber Eats’ commitment to expanding offerings and fostering strategic relationships.

At the forefront of the relationship with Yassir is a commitment to provide consumers with a wide range of goods and services such as fresh groceries, convenience, personal care, pet food and more to meet their on-demand e-commerce needs, beyond food delivery, through the Uber Eats app.

“We’re delighted to welcome Yassir stores to the Uber Eats app. This collaboration strategically enhances visibility for Yassir stores and supports our growth strategy in the market,” said Nakampe Molewa, General Manager of Uber Eats Sub-Saharan Africa.

This collaboration empowers Uber Eats customers to access over 2000 quality grocery products from Yassir stores, providing added convenience and choice to consumers.

“We’re excited to expand on Uber Eats, solidifying our commitment to making customers’ lives easier. This expansion broadens our reach, ensuring exceptional products are accessible to a larger audience. Our commitment to fast, reliable deliveries at competitive pricing continues to set us apart, providing convenience and value to our patrons,” said Timothy Kiluba, Yassir’s General Manager.

Uber Eats remains dedicated to driving innovation, expanding service offerings, and fostering relationships for an enhanced experience for customers and merchants alike. As Uber Eats continues to grow at a tremendous pace, Uber Eats is committed to answering the question: Can we deliver? Absolutely, especially when it comes to mastering the last mile!

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