Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Pasta

Pasta is the most eaten, or you can say staple food of Italian cuisine with a rich history. And it is made here in a wide variety to surprise you

The pasta is made from semolina flour which is obtained from durum wheat which has both high content of protein and gluten in it, and it is also not too stretchy which makes it possible to make in any shape, hold up while staying firm and get cooked perfectly. 

The semolina flour is mixed with water kneaded into the dough then pushed through machines or molds to get the desired shape of pasta. Moreover, durum flour is also used, which is finer to make pasta of different shape.

Different Types of Pasta

There are about 600 types of pasta made in Italy, but that’s way too long so we will discuss only the common ones available such as penne, Italian spaghetti pasta, fettuccine, macaroni and more.

  • Spaghetti

The traditional Italian Spaghetti is the original pasta shape eaten widely. It’s a long, thin piece of pasta with a lot of versatility and gives the perfect texture with any sauces. It is enjoyed best when made with tomato sauce and also with meatballs. However, any recipes can be made out from the de Cecco spaghetti pasta, which is one of the best one available.

  • Cannelloni 

It is the largest shaped pasta and looks like a tube, and because of their large size, it’s a good idea to make a dish with stuffing such as filling it with cheese, meat pieces and sauce and bake it to enjoy this delicacy.

  • Farfalle

They look eye-catching with a look like a small bow tie with slightly pinched in the centre. And farfalle is too yum to binge on when cooked with tomato, cream sauce as it sticks to it perfectly. It takes around 10 to 12 minutes to get cooked in boiling water.

  • Penne

It’s cylindrical shaped pasta, which is hard so it will take a longer time to get cooked.  However, when paired with Bolognese sauce or cream-based sauces with vegetables makes it tasty to eat.

  • Macaroni 

It is generally used for making Mac and cheese and is elbow-shaped. However, you can mix it up with some veggies and cheese to enjoy it.

  • Orecchiette

These are funny shaped looking pasta which is like little cartoon ears, and in fact, the translation of Orecchiette is” little ears” it’s one of my favorite pasta shapes. They taste better with thick sauces or juicy ingredients like broccoli and sausages as getting filled in pasta shapes to become more flavorful.

  • Pappardelle 

They are wider flat ribbon-like pasta which is soft and hold up to any thick or chunky meat sauces and fulfil your craving for eating lasagna.  

  • Fettuccine 

They are flat ribbons of pasta which lie between linguine and pappardelle in width. It’s a sturdy pasta which can hold thicker sauce and blends well with meats or veggies and one the classic dish made from this pasta is Fettuccine alfredo.

  • Rotelle

They have an interesting shape of a wagon wheel which is too cute to look. It is best used in making salads and blends well with cheese and tomato sauce.

You can buy all these pasta types, you can order Spaghetti online and others too.

The pasta is loved and eaten & enjoyed by everyone equally, and they are simple to make. Here are some tasty tips and tricks to make pasta.

  1. You should never add oil to your water for the pasta as it avoids sauce to stick to them.
  2. Always use cold enough, fresh water to the pot to get it cooked.
  3. The water used to boil pasta should be the season with salt to make it flavorful.
  4. Add the pasta to the pot when the water has thoroughly boiled; otherwise, you will end up with soggy and improperly cooked pasta.
  5. While cooking your pasta, occasionally stir as it will prevent it from sticking.
  6. Don’t throw away all the water, save some to add up to your sauce.
  7. Always make you sauce ready before cooking pasta and add pasta to sauce not a sauce to the pasta.

All these tips and tricks will be a great help for making an awesome & tasty de Cecco spaghetti pasta dish.

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