Start your Day the Healthy Way

Start your Day the Healthy Way
Start your Day the Healthy Way

5 ways to finally get into the daily habit of eating breakfast

The benefits of eating breakfast are vast – from balancing blood sugar levels to boosting your energy and preventing overeating – and yet despite knowing all these truths so many of us still skip this all-important meal.

Why? Angela Leach, Head Dietitian for FUTURELIFE® believes that whilst a handful of people are deliberately avoiding breakfast in the hope that they will lose weight, most of us are simply not in the habit of eating breakfast. “Life is busy and time, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest reasons we adopt bad food habits, make compromises and skip meals.”

Angela adds that those who skip breakfast generally believe that they manage ‘just fine’ and that a strong coffee will suffice. “But the truth is that your body needs fuel in the morning to function optimally. In the short term, eating in the morning can improve your energy and concentration levels, and in the long term it can help you to better manage your weight and possibly reduce your risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.”

So, how do you reboot your brain and establish this healthy, new eating habit? Angela offers 5 tips:

1. Start small: For those who have been skipping breakfast for years, just the thought of stomaching food early in the morning can be off-putting. So, instead of eating, drink your breakfast! For example, FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ WHEAT can quickly and easily be mixed and enjoyed as a shake. It contains the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carbohydrates that whole wheat delivers in addition to being an easy-to-prepare breakfast.

2. Be prepared: One of the best ways to set yourself up for breakfast success is to plan ahead. Make sure that your pantry and fridge are stocked with tasty breakfast options. Also, put time aside the night before to set the table (if you are going to eat at home) or pack your breakfast for the next day (if you are going to eat at work). Plus, FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ WHEAT requires no cooking, making it a convenient choice whether at home or work.

3. Establish a routine: You’ll need to allocate time to have breakfast, so if you’re struggling to fit this into your schedule, put time aside in your diary or set your alarm to remind you.

4. Choose wisely: A muffin and a latte can clock in over 500 calories and is generally not nutritionally balanced. Instead, opt for a lower sugar, high fibre and balanced breakfast option. This will ensure that the meal provides the necessary nutrients your body requires to function optimally. Start the day with bowl of FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ WHEAT, that has 50% reduced sugar* and is high in 19 vitamins and minerals. Made from whole wheat, it is high in dietary fibre, contributing to 25% of your daily fibre requirements per serving**.

5. Be flexible: There will be days when you just don’t have time to eat breakfast before you leave home, so keep a supply of suitable foodstuffs at the office with a long shelf-life (e.g. rice cakes, nuts, dried fruit and peanut butter). You can also pop a couple of FUTURELIFE® HIGH PROTEIN bars into your cubby hole or bag, for those days when eating-on-the-go is the only option. Most FUTURELIFE® variants also come in convenient 50g (single serving) sachets which can quickly and easily be mixed with milk or water in a shaker and consumed on-the-go.

“Breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated, just settle into a regular routine with a few simple, but nutrient-dense options. Like Robert A. Heinlein once said, ‘One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast’, so make sure you start your day the healthy way,” Angela concludes.

*50% less sugar than South Africa’s leading whole wheat ready to eat cereal (as at May 2021).

**As per the European Safety Authority, 2010 scientific opinion on dietary reference values for carbohydrates and dietary fibre