Spice Up Your Summer: Share Nando’s, Not Secrets

Spice Up Your Summer: Share Nando’s, Not Secrets

Silly season is upon us. In the land where groove reigns supreme and waking up to buy Nando’s might just teleport you to another province on a whim. The unsung rule of Decembers past? Sharing is caring, baby. Four-four masihlalisane, bring the bevs, and I’ll bring the chicks.

In South Ah, the festive lunch or dinner table is not just a table. It’s a stage, a performance, a gathering to feast and overshare. It’s at these family shindigs where the juicy gossip flows like the mighty Zambezi River. You won’t believe how our rich Joburg aunt was caught canoodling with her Ben-10 in her hubby’s SUV. She even told our cousin that she misses her side from two years ago. Ouch!

Sometimes, the “mgosi” (gossip) is so spicy it involves third parties who get so engrossed in a stranger’s phone conversation in a taxi that they miss their stop and end up in another ‘burb.

Yep, December is all about sharing but not everything is meant to be shared.  Some things are just better left unsaid, unposted, or unforwarded.

Here are some tips to chew on along with your full chicken and two sharing sides:

Mr Big Spender

You’ve got money to burn, and you want the world to know. But before you post that picture of your Konka bill, remember that Sars might be a fan of drama, but your bank account isn’t. And so is your cousin who needs a loan. And your ex who wants alimony. And your landlord who’s raising the rent. Maybe keep that receipt to yourself.

Sharing Full Screen on Zoom

You’re about to share your screen on Zoom and dazzle your colleagues with your brilliant presentation. But wait, what’s that on your desktop? A folder full of cat memes? A sticky note that says, “Don’t forget to do work”? A browser tab open to your online dating profile? Think twice before you hit that “share full screen” button. You might end up sharing more than you bargained for.

Posting Groove Pics on a Sick Day

Dancing through a sick day? Brave move, sir. Instead of resting and recovering, you hit the club and bust a move. And of course, you document your epic night on social media. But don’t be surprised if your boss sees your posts and gives you a call. The only thing you’ll be spreading is confusion. And maybe germs.

Admitting You Miss Your Ex

We all have regrets in life. Like that time, you thought skinny jeans were a good idea. Or when you dated your ex. Some things are better left in the past. Don’t post your nostalgic feelings on social media. You’ll only embarrass yourself and annoy your friends. Keep those skeletons in the closet. And maybe burn those jeans.

Work Spouse

You and your work spouse have a great relationship. You bring each other lunch, you finish each other’s sentences, you laugh at each other’s jokes. But before you post that cute selfie of you two, think about how it might look to others. It may be innocent, but the socials love a good skandaal. So does your real spouse.

Chief Lobola Negotiator

You’re a successful person who lives in a fancy estate and has some nice toys. You’re also the head lobola negotiator for your niece’s wedding. So, before you brag about your wealth on social media, think about how it might affect the negotiations, sbali. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re easy to scam. Let discretion be your bargaining chip. Or you might end up paying more than you bargained for.


You went out to buy bread one morning and ended up on a three-day bender. You didn’t shower, you didn’t change your clothes, you didn’t brush your teeth. And you want to share your adventure on social media. Don’t do it, chief. No one wants to see your dirty laundry. Literally. Leave it to the elders to express their disappointment. And maybe take a shower.

Million Dollar Smile

You’re about to embrace braces, and you want to show off your dental X-rays. You think it’s cool, but your followers might not agree. Dental hygiene, yes. Dental selfies, not so much. Let’s leave your pearly whites to the professionals.

I Blew It

You hit the jackpot and won the Lotto. You’re rich and you want to make it rain. But before you post your loot on social media, think about the consequences. You might attract attention you’d rather avoid. Like baddies, greedy relatives, shady friends, or even criminals. Let discretion be your wealth manager. Or your doorbell might ring mysteriously late at night, and you’ll be the main feature on I Blew It.

Pet Peeve

You love your pets, and you think they’re the smartest thing ever. You even taught them how to drive a toy car, or converse through coloured buttons. And you want to share their amazing skills on social media. But don’t expect everyone to be impressed. Your friends are busy watching their own cats chase laser pointers. And your pet might not appreciate the exposure. POPI Act, fam! Keep them videos to yourself!

Party Responsibly

You’re a party animal and you live for the night. You dance, you drink, you have fun. And you document every moment on social media. But don’t forget that your future employers might see your posts. And they might not be as impressed by your party shenanigans. Keep the party vibes alive, but don’t turn your future job search into a reality show. You might regret it later.

So, whilst sharing is expected this festive season, leave the overshare to the one we can all enjoy. The Nando’s full chicken and any two sharing sides. Make the 31 Saturdays of December Xtra-Hot but never awks. 

About Nando’s

From the humble beginnings of a single restaurant in Rosettenville in 1987, Nando’s has grown into the largest South African restaurant group to expand our borders. Nando’s is best known for its authentic PERi-PERi flame-grilled Chicken, which has captivated Guests the world over. Never fried, Guests can choose between a full, half, or quarter butterfly-cut Chicken. There are also burgers, pitas and a host of other mouth-watering options to choose from. Whether you like it Hot, Mild, or with Lemon and Herb, the taste of Nando’s is unmistakeable, and the brand is a firm favourite with South Africans and fans from further afield.

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