Knowing These 8 Secrets Will Make The Best Coffee Beans Taste Amazing

Knowing These 8 Secrets Will Make The Best Coffee Beans Taste Amazing
Knowing These 8 Secrets Will Make The Best Coffee Beans Taste Amazing

A coffee lover’s biggest nightmare is having bad coffee. There are times when we wake up in the morning, hoping to have a barista make us our coffee. The common misconception that people have is that a barista’s coffee is the best coffee around you. It may be because of the types of equipment he/she gets to use. But that is not true. It is because of the process and the steps they follow to make that coffee.

Here are 8 things you must keep in mind to make the best coffee beans taste amazing:

1. Consistency 

What a barista has unique, is consistency. Baristas are consistent with their work. They know the right proportion to make coffee for their customers. Making coffee is like science to them. They know the right variables to add, exact measurement and perfect temperature. They believe in being consistent. It is something you need to make sure your coffee tastes delicious.

2. Grind

Do not be in a hurry to make coffee. Take your time. In the initial process, make sure you make one cup at a time to see where the taste differs. The grind needs to be perfect. If the grind is refined, the coffee is bound to taste bitter. The bitterness can be taken care of by natural or artificial sweeteners. Adjusting the grind helps in making the right cup of coffee.

3. Temperature 

Measuring water temperature is one of the most critical steps. You need to know the exact temperature that the water needs to boil at, for your coffee. You need to know which temperature brings out the flavor in your coffee. 

The water should not be hot. It needs to be the right temperature, which is why you need to get used to making your coffee.

4. Store Well

To make sure that your coffee tastes good, you must keep your beans fresh. Always store your beans in an airtight container. Coffee beans should never be refrigerated. Coffee loses its flavor if it is kept in a cool place.

Glass cans or jars are the best places to store coffee. It is recommended to buy a week’s supply of coffee so that it remains fresh. Keep adding to your stock once the previous stock is over and keep them at room temperature. The coffee should stay fresh and should maintain its taste and flavor. 

5. Good Filter 

Cheap paper filters are a disaster. When you buy the inferior quality of coffee filters, your coffee is sure not to taste delicious. Your paper filters should be dioxin free. Make sure to invest in a good filter paper that is long-lasting and brings out the flavor in your coffee. Certain filter papers are costly, but they deliver character, which is why they are worth the cost. It is a long-time investment that is sure to pay off. 

6. Proportion

The ideal proportion to keep in mind while making coffee is 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces cup. Some people adjust the tablespoons according to their preferences. Some people use hot water with less coffee, hoping to make more cups. This is not a wise decision as it only tends to make the coffee more bitter. 

7. Use Filtered Water

Coffee is made using water, and hence, water is an essential component for your coffee. The taste of water plays a very vital role in your drink. If the water does not taste good by any chance, your coffee will not taste good either. 

Tap water is good but to be sure, it is better to use water that is filtered. Filtered water will be clean and fresh. If not filtered water, use bottled water. Make sure that the water you are using is fresh and clean to use. 

8. Bloom The Coffee

Blooming is a critical step. When we pour water over the coffee, coffee starts to bubble. This is caused by carbon dioxide as it is a natural step in the roasting process. Blooming is an essential step as it releases the carbon from your coffee by pushing away from the coffee. 

Coffee experts recommend doing the blooming step thus:

Pour a little water over the coffee so that the bubbles release the carbon and then add extra water to the coffee. The water required to bloom should be double the amount of coffee in the cup. 

A coffee addict knows his coffee and wants the best cup of coffee to kick start his day. Sometimes, people do not have the time to run to the local barista for a fresh cup of coffee. These tricks could help you to have the perfect cup of coffee, a coffee that will taste like the barista’s coffee. Try these tricks and make the right cup of coffee for yourself.

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