How to be the perfect host this festive season

How to be the perfect host this festive season
How to be the perfect host this festive season

Tips to successful, stress-free festivities

Ease the stress this festive season with The FOOD STALL at SPAR’s easy tips for successful entertaining. Whether you are hosting family or friends, SPAR has got you covered. The holiday season is the perfect time to have fun, relax and create memories with loved ones, without having to spend endless hours prepping in the kitchen.

SPAR’s exciting new Fresh Convenience range of products, endorsed by The FOOD STALL at SPAR, offers a host of endless possibilities so why not consider a cocktail party or a relaxed cheese and wine get-together? Whipping up a creative snack platter has never been this easy and The FOOD STALL at SPAR’s snacking range is sure to offer a stress-free festive season!

Here are some additional tips from SPAR for stress-free festive entertaining:

1. Preparation is key: A successful festive season requires preparation. Plating those delicious snack platters and laying out the tablecloth and cutlery ahead of the guests arriving, ensures that you will spend time with your guests, not in the kitchen.

2. Under-catering is a no no: Last-minute kitchen runs can put a damper on your festive spirit. Ensure you have sufficient snacks even for those who can’t get enough of SPAR’s scrumptious FOOD STALL snacks.

3. Get Creative: Get skewering, and take your platters to the next level by threading meatballs and chipolatas along with cherry tomatoes for a flavourful experience, that will tempt even the most discerning guest.

4. Sauce it up: Snacks are incomplete without a sauce, so compliment this with our favourite dipping sauce: add honey to whole-grain mustard for a tantalising taste experience. Enhance the flavour of The FOOD STALL at SPAR’s delicious Chicken BBQ Pancakes by drizzling a balsamic reduction to finish it off or spice up your samoosas and spring rolls with a sweet chilli sauce.

SPAR has always held being part of the communities they serve close to their heart and continue to make every effort to provide convenience along with exceptional quality as part of their service. After all, you also deserve some rest and relaxation too, and to focus on the more important things in life like quality time with family and friends. Look out for The FOOD STALL at SPAR’s Fresh Convenience Range when you next pop into your local SPAR.