Futurelife’s Granola Crunch Packs a Punch

Futurelife’s Granola Crunch Packs a Punch
Futurelife’s Granola Crunch

FUTURELIFE® launches the goodness that is Granola Crunch in new flavours.

Options for breakfast and snacks on the run just got a whole lot yummier with the launch of new flavours in the FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH range! Three delicious new variants – ‘BOOST’, ‘RENEW’ and ‘VITALITY’ are now available as a cereal or as handy snack bars, which are perfect for eating on the run. These delicious granola clusters have been formulated by combining the goodness of FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ with the crunchiness of baked rolled oats and puffed rice. They can be enjoyed with milk or yoghurt for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or on their own as tasty in-between snacks.

Choose the new FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH flavour that best tickles your taste buds: ‘BOOST’ is made with real honey combined with energy, fibre and selected minerals, iron and magnesium; ‘RENEW’ is made with real cocoa, combined with fibre and selected minerals, copper, selenium and zinc; and ‘VITALITY’ is made with real berries and fruit pieces combined with the benefit of fibre and added probiotics. Whether you choose to boost, renew or revitalize yourself, it’s easy to grab the crunchy goodness of granola whenever you need it.

Head Dietician for FUTURELIFE®, Angela Leach, says that their granola cereal has been developed to meet South Africa’s increasing demand for food that is wholesome, as well as now offering even better value with the larger, resealable pouches. “Previously only available in 425g boxes, the new whopping 700g packs ensure you’re getting even more fuel for hungry tummies. And the new resealable pouch guarantees that you’re in for a crunchy good time, with each and every bite,” Angela explains.

The FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH range is high in fibre and made using up to 60% oats, so you can be confident that what you’re putting into your body is wholesome goodness. In fact, the FUTURELIFE® CRUNCH GRANOLA BARS contain 20g of whole grain oats per serving and are also free from artificial colours and preservatives and the cereal is also a high source of Protein. Regardless of whether you choose the bars or the cereal, FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH contains the functional ingredient MODUCARE®, a daily immune supplement.

Listening to its customers has always been one of the hallmarks of the FUTURELIFE® brand and its success in delivering a versatile range of nutritious cereals and snacks has made it one of South Africa’s favourite functional food companies. “At FUTURELIFE®, we’re always looking for ways to innovate our much-loved brands and excite consumers with innovative, nutritious options,” says Angela. “With the launch of exciting new flavours in the FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH range, we’re giving people even more opportunities to make informed decisions about what they choose to eat.”

FUTURELIFE® GRANOLA CRUNCH ‘BOOST’, ‘RENEW’ AND ‘VITALITY’ will be available from all leading retail outlets in 700g pouches, or as snack bars that can easily be popped into handbags, school bags or briefcases, to be enjoyed as a snack on-the-go.

RRP: R64.99

For more information, visit www.futurelife.com