Choose to Celebrate

Choose to Celebrate
Celebrate Health because smart nutrition for life is worth celebrating

FUTURELIFE® launches exciting new television brand campaign and brand positioning

There is nothing more precious in life than good health and by making the right choices to change your health through better eating habits, it is possible to change your world.

This is the premise off which the proudly South African functional food company FUTURELIFE® was built and since 2007, it has established an impressive track record for changing the way people think about nutrition. In doing so, it has inspired and helped South African’s to make nutritionally smart choices in their quest for healthier and happier lives.

With the launch of the brand’s new television campaign, FUTURELIFE® is now taking its quest to new heights.

“Since 2018, with their ‘change’ campaign, FUTURELIFE® asked South Africans to acknowledge the positive changes in the world, and to embrace positive changes in nutrition. Now we’re asking people to celebrate what this change means: healthier bodies, sharper minds and happier families,” says Mark Bunn, Managing Director for FUTURELIFE®. “This means families spending more time together and people doing what they do best – sharing meals.”

“We are calling on all people to rethink and reinvest in their own celebrations by showcasing a range of South Africans in moments of celebration, with an emphasis on the deliciousness of FUTURELIFE® and the wonderful results our certified nutrition delivers,” Mark explains.

With a fresh and relatable family perspective, the television campaign is reinforcing the idea that making healthier and more progressive food choices is something that should be celebrated by the whole family. The past 18 months have impacted our daily lives in so many ways and now more than ever, we shouldn’t take our families and our health for granted.

The new FUTURELIFE® campaign is reminding us how important it is to celebrate coming together as a family, as friends and as people to make even small moments count.

Mark adds, “With the ever-evolving demands of daily life, it’s incredibly important to keep our bodies and our minds in tip-top shape. Being healthy not only fights disease, improves your mood, reduces stress and optimises performance, it also allows you to live life to the fullest.”

Mark goes on to say that FUTURELIFE® has always been committed to finding innovative ways to use its team’s nutritional expertise and experience to help South African families choose a smart life. The advert is an extension of this as it expresses the core of the brand: that FUTURELIFE® is more than just nutrition, it is a way of life.

“Our new TV commercial captures the essence that our range of smart nutrition supports families in taking charge of their health. Good health means that you are able to experience everything that life has to offer and that you can celebrate the joy in every moment,” he says.

Over the years, FUTURELIFE® has become the brand of choice for consumers who care about their own health and the health of their families. Scientifically formulated, the wide range of versatile and tasty products offers nutritious and convenient meal and snack options for everyone.

“Whether you are a mom looking for a wholesome way for your family to start the day, a businessman who needs to stay at the top of their game, a sportsman who needs energy for workouts or a diabetic looking for a low GI food, FUTURELIFE®’s range of Smart Foods offers something for each member of the family,” says Mark.

With the FUTURELIFE® television campaign having launched during September, the company is confident that families all over South Africa will be inspired to celebrate each other and their good health. Through this, it is looking forward to reaching new consumers and giving them the opportunity to experience not only better health but the essence of the FUTURELIFE® brand too.

Celebrate Health because smart nutrition for life is worth celebrating.