Florals and Occasions

Florals and Occasions
Florals and Occasions, Photo: Pixabay

Do you gift flowers according to the occasion or give it just like that?

Every flower has a meaning and suits best according to occasions. Don’t you worry here I am sharing flowers you can give to your loved one according to the event:


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Birthdays are celebration time, so decorating with bright pink colour flowers and yellow flowers can bring life to them. Bright pink flowers such as carnations, dahlia, Butterfly bush can bring joy on liveliness to the occasion.

And if you are planning to give a bunch of flowers to your loved ones then go with the same colour to greet them or to express your love and care towards them, then go with a large bouquet with 3 or 4 varieties of flowers in them instead of a favourite colour bunch of flowers.


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Wedding anniversaries are the special days for couples and the most picked up flower for this occasion is a rose — red roses as symbolises passion and love. Hence roses bring the romance and cherish in the relationships again.

However, the red carnations can also rejuvenate the lost love over the years. It is also known as the “flower of Gods,” so can create a heavenly atmosphere when your room is decorated with this colour on your wedding anniversaries.


Online Congratulations Gifts from Way2flowers

Congratulating someone with a flower a bit confusing because flowers we often give to our loved ones are roses or carnations. However, herbs can also become a part of your celebration after a promotion, or on occasion of the birth of a baby. It would help if you looked out for flowers which can express your real feeling. Therefore, choose sunflower or yellow coloured flower. The colour of the sun represents hope and good wishes. Yellow colour represents brightness in life.


Looking for the way out to say sorry to your loved one for your mistakes. Just give the flower to them. Believe me; they will forgive you because flowers are the best way to express yourself. Moreover, the flower which you can offer is Daffodils. Giving daffodils signifies regret and help to seek forgiveness form your loved one, melting their heart and able to know the innocence and purity of your heart.


Online Weddings Gifts from Way2flowers

Weddings are the most awaited time of every person as soon you will be going to marry the person of your dream. Moreover, everything should be perfect with bright colour and decorations. Bright colour represents the brightness in the life of the couple. Decoration in multi colour can bring happiness to your future world. So, what to offer to bride and groom on their wedding. I would suggest you give multi-colour bouquets to the couple as it can bring happiness to them. Alternatively, go for red flowers as red flowers can build up love between the bride and groom.

Moreover, if you are bored of bright colours and red roses, choose vibrant colours, such as pink and orange. These colours signify passion and happiness. Flowers such as butterfly bush and carnations can be your saviour in case you are running out of time to reach the wedding venue.

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