The Benefits of Yoga Classes in Winter Season

Summary: Explore the article to know the amazing benefits of practicing yoga in the winter season.

Those cold, dark mornings, lazy days and gloomy nights adjourn us for doing the simplest of daily chores. Winter season comes with a lot of seasonal troubles. We tend to fall sick frequently, become lazier and most importantly we put back our exercising regime. It is important to workout in the winter season, but due to our indolence, we skip our workout on a regular basis. Any form of workout will get our mind and body winter ready. And it becomes even easier with the help of Yoga.

Why yoga in winters?

It’s cold outside! It gives us the perfect excuse to not do the yoga practice. The cold weather decreases the blood circulation of the body which slows the effectiveness of the organs, lowers body temperature, and constricts the muscles and joints. Though it feels good to not move and just snuggle in the bed, practicing yoga will make you feel better. Yoga practice helps us to develop an inner heat that keeps the body warm and healthy. It prepares and supports the body and mind to move efficiently and smoothly through the cold season.

Let us glance at the most amazing Yoga benefits in winters:

For Joint and Muscles Tenderness

The onset of winter season brings along chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness. Practicing asanas increases the circulation, maintains joint mobility, and loosens the stiffness. Yoga eases the pain, keeps the body warm that relaxes the muscles and decreases the inflammation.

For The Lungs

If you are living in the metro cities then pollution has already taken a toll on the lungs. Winter season works as an icing on the cake and worsens the condition. Asana practice protects the respiratory system and lowers the risk of breathing conditions. Pranayama like Ujjayi, kapalbhati, and bhastrika strengthen and support the respiratory system.

For The Glowing Skin

Winters and skin are the worst of enemies and lead to problems like dry, flaky and dull skin. In winters, a lack of moisture, cool air, low humidity, and a lack of proper ventilation make the skin dry and dehydrated. Practicing yoga cleanses the pores, detoxifies the skin, increases its suppleness and maintains skin hydration. Yoga is the best way to renew the skin, making it glowing, smooth, and rejuvenated.

For The Mental Wellbeing

Mental condition like SAD- seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter blues is becoming a common issue. The melatonin hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain and its deficiency is responsible for the SAD. These winter blues carry the symptoms like low mood, feeling of lethargy, tiredness, increased appetite, and sleepiness. Yoga practice alleviates these symptoms and also reduces the stress. Practice Surya Namaskar to build inner heat, boost energy, elevate mood, increase cardiorespiratory integrity, and to balance circadian rhythms.

For Boosting Immune System

A strong immune system is what we need to keep diseases at bay, especially in cold season or we can say disease-prone season. Yoga also reduces stress, as some studies suggest that chronic stress is responsible for weak immunity. Yoga in winters will help you to reduce stress and boost your immune system and help ward off infections and diseases.

Yoga postures like Uttanasana, Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, and Pranayama are the best to boost immunity.

Few more tips:

• Start practicing yoga by sipping some lukewarm water to pick up the warmth.
• Practicing Kapalbhati and Ujjayi Pranayama, Sun Salutation, forward bends, backbends and heating inversions will benefit a lot.
• Activate the Manipura Chakra to ignite the physical fire to get more inner warmth.

Do not keep yourself away from the yoga practice. We understand that the idea of snuggling inside the bed might tempt you. But it is better to layer up, sip some warm water, and get onto your mat. Practice yoga to generate the inner heat, and avoid all the cold season troubles.