Some really good facts of Kinobody


Kinobody is a series of unisex fitness routines promising users of a top-class physique. According to its founder Gregory O’Gallagher, users and followers of Kinobody will eventually start looking much better (something of a Hollywood celebrity sort). Now let’s explore how Kinobody is helpful for people.

The vast majority of information available were vague mentions of a Hollywood physique. References in pop culture are good but researchers were concerned about a lack of specific hard data about the effectiveness of Kinobody. Recommending a fitness routine like Kinobody is not possible due to a lack of proper research and how it works.


A Kinobody works out – what is it?

The kinobody workout is a series of fitness programs designed and created by Gregory O’Gallagher himself. A quick search on YouTube brought a video titled ‘The Real Bruce Wayne’ introduces people to him. He is the video went on to talk about his daily routine using Kinobody strategies and tactics.

There are three major programs for men and one for women who are as under:

  • The Warrior Physique.
  • Greek God Physique.
  • Superhero Physique.

The program for ladies is known as Goddess toning program.

These programs are designed to take the users step by step through a process of slimming down, building and sculpting the muscles and in the end adding more muscle. The concept is not to bulk the human body like typical muscle-bound bodybuilders but to tone and sculpt the body look more like either Captain America or Thor.

The warrior physique

This program claims to be an intensely focused strength training plan to make men shredded warriors (meaning proper chiseled lean bodybuilders). It helps men get more chiseled than imagined, gain muscle in all key areas while simultaneous losing fact, raise sex appeal, attain the coveted V shape and shedding of 6 to 8 pounds of fat and 2 inches off the waist.

The company claims this can be done in a month without feeling tired or hungry. However, the company also claims that people need to learn a proven, easy and repeatable plan for diet and exercise. This will help raise muscle gains, testosterone and workout performance.

Greek God Physique

Kinobody’s Greek God Program uses MEGA, which is Minimal effort growth acceleration training. This takes what people achieved in the previous program and hence pack on more muscle without gaining fat. People will be able to rapidly and simultaneously increase strength, muscle mass, proportion, definition, and sex appeal.

All of this in just 3 days a week.

This is exactly what people will find in the Kinobody Greek God Program, right? Well, that is what the company claims. The company also claims that people will learn how to maximize dense, hard muscle without hitting the plateau.

If people experience a plateau, they will learn 10 different exercises that can help them a breakthrough, maximize strength, muscle gains, and nutrition, all on a strict budget. It also offers much more. This program also includes a FAQ guide, 3-day split workout guide and private members community access.

The superhero physique

This is the final stage in Kinobody’s muscle development program and it focuses on giving users a perfect V-shape, loved and envied by all. In order to accomplish this, users will be shown how to train smartly and tacitly, instead of rest-pause training which is hard.

Along with their order, users will get the core superhero bulking program manual, work substitution guide, bonus module, lifting protocol tutorial, and living the superhero lifestyle e-book.

Marketing tactics of Kinobody

As a part of its marketing tactics, Kinobody sells male sex appeal all of the time and has been targeting the same for females too, particularly through the Kinobooty program. Though the landing pages at Kinobody’s website are full of endless images of fit young men taking their own pictures in the mirror.

Kinobody sells an overall philosophy of fitness and well-being. In addition to the main Kinobody program, which focuses on mostly three workout periods in a week, there are seemingly endless variations of this program. Customers are often given the opportunity to try each and every workout regiment of Kinobody they can.

In close tandem with these fitness programs, Kinobody also sells various supplements and accessories. In business terms, having many products and services like technofuss bundled together under a single brand provides multiple revenue streams.

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