Buying new hiking boots is not something you want to tackle lightly; for a comfortable hike, you need shoes that fit perfectly. Hiking boots that fit your feet could be the difference between an incredible, transformative trip and a traumatizing, painful weekend where you can be left with lots of pain.

The North Face will get you up and running when it comes to finding the perfect hiking shoe.

  1. Treat your feet to quality footwear

Gear can be expensive, but it’s critical to invest in high-quality shoes or boots. If you go with something cheap, it’s more likely that seams or fabrics will leak, rip, or tear, and the outsole might wear down quickly or delaminate. Also, bargain boots sometimes don’t live up to their claims of being waterproof. Your best bet is to buy the type of quality footwear found at specialty outdoor stores and footwear stores. If you buy shoes or boots online, be sure that you know how different brands fit your feet.

  1. Style & Functionality: 

If you carry a daypack or heavier load, you can usually wear a low-cut shoe for hiking. If you prefer more ankle support, you can also try a mid-cut shoe that rises a bit above the ankle. But, most backpackers carrying more than 30 pounds need a full boot, because it will offer the rigidity and midsole structure needed to bear a heavy load. Keep in mind that some low-cut shoes provide more support and traction than others. Talk with a salesperson or do research online to determine whether shoes offer a decent support system for your feet.

Classic for a reason, The North Face Hedgehog Hike II Boots deliver everything you’d expect from mid-height walking boots. The upper is made from durable and oily, thus water repellent, leather and finished with DryVent™ waterproofing and DryVent™ inner booties, ideal for fording streams, walking through bogs and crossing patches of snow. The gusseted tongue keeps out debris, particularly helpful on gravelly countryside paths. And, along with the collar, the tongue is padded for comfort over long distances. The OrthoLite® insoles retain their cushioning power even after extended use, meaning these boots handle multi-day treks with ease. The high-performance ESS SnakePlate™ consists of a flexible forefoot plate that allows your feet to do what they are physiologically designed to do: flex, bend and contort to changing terrain. And the Vibram™ XS Trek outsoles aid traction even on wet and loose ground. The result: boots that are comfortable, grippy and can take a bit of beating.


  1. Waterproof or non-waterproof

If you plan to trek in the rain or cross lots of streams in cool or cold conditions, consider buying waterproof shoes. But, remember that waterproof shoes can feel miserable when it’s warm and humid. A waterproof membrane will trap warm air and moisture around your feet, which can cause blisters and break down the skin. Also, in warm, dry areas, a waterproof shoe will make your feet hotter. So, think about the conditions you’ll face for the majority of your hiking



If walking takes you from urban parks and city streets to countryside paths and mountain trails the Wayroute Mid FuturelightT™ Boots are for you. We’ve combined our experience in the mountains with a contemporary aesthetic to create boots that are one-part cool comfort, one-part technical performance. Developed with a membrane, the Activists are waterproof boots that breathe as hard as you do when pacing it up a steep ascent. So you can actually wear waterproof boots without getting hot, sweaty feet. Then there’s the gusseted tongue and OrthoLite® insoles that deliver all-day comfort. The lightweight and washable insoles retain their cushioning power long-term, even with day-in-day-out use. There are protective toe caps, which come in handy when hot-footing it downhill or hiking in low light on stony paths. And finally, the EXTS™ soles provide a sure-footed grip on both wet and slippery, and dry and gravelly terrain.


With a waterproof-breathable DryVent™ membrane and modern street-style looks, the Men’s Larimer Sport CVS Waterproof boots are a perfect combination of functionality and comfort. The grippy soles and padded ankles offer stability and support on all kinds of terrain. And the OrthoLite® X40™ Hybrid™ footbed delivers all-day cushioned comfort – wherever the road takes you.

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