Different Types of Massage Chairs

Different Types of Massage Chairs
Massage chair

A massage chair is one lifestyle product that seems to have got the fancy of modern customers in a very short span of time. 6 out of 10 shopping malls have one or the other kind of massage chair on display where the customers can enjoy a free demo massage and make up their mind.

If you also fancy having this modern piece of furniture in your living room, you must know about the different variants of it that are available.


We get you information about some of the most popular types of massage chairs on the market today.

Popular Types Of Massage Chairs

  1. Reclining

A reclining massage chair is a great choice if you like to have contemporary furniture in your house. This is genuinely made of materials like leather and is an upgraded version of a lazy boy recliner in the sense that it has all the advanced massage features. A reclining massager is a class above the regular recliner chairs.

  1. Full body

The full body massage chair is the ultimate when we talk about the massage chairs. Even though it is a little high-priced, it does justice to every penny. It is an incredible way of getting a full body massage from head to toe. If budget is not an issue, this is the best thing money can buy.

  1. Ottoman

If you do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket, the Ottoman series of massage chair is for you. Not a massage chair in the true sense, their design pays more attention to the overall comfort. This is also the reason behind their weak mechanics and not-so-updated features.

  1. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity chairs are specially purposed for people who are suffering from joint and bone pain. The design is inspired by the position in which the astronauts go out into the outer space and aims at getting rid of all the pains that might have accumulated over a period of time. Though these are costly but their high prices are justified by its features that help to deal with a lot of pain. These are also a great way to relieve the stress and pain in the back of the body.

Different Types Of Massage Chairs

  1. Heated

If all the outstanding features of a massage chair are combined with a heating element, it gives it a sense of completion. The massage chairs with a heat element are popularly used in muscle relaxation therapies to heat the sore muscles. This helps in faster healing. The heating element can be easily found in any kind of massage chair–high end or low end. So if you are looking for one, you will not be disappointed.

There is no one right or wrong kind of chair. It completely depends on what you expect your piece of furniture to do for you and how much can you spend on it. However, it is different for people who have a medical condition and are looking to treat that in particular.