Deep Heat – Official Supplier of the 2023 Comrades Marathon

Deep Heat – Official Supplier of the 2023 Comrades Marathon
Deep Heat - Comrades Marathon

This is it – Ziyasha! It’s happening!

The Comrades Marathon is back!

This time, even bigger and better – and Deep Heat is proud and thrilled to be part of it!

“We are excited to lend our support to this iconic event,” says Andrew Lawlor, Managing Director, Mentholatum SA (the health and wellness company responsible for Deep Heat).

“Our consumers are at the heart of all that we do,” continues Lawlor, as reinforced by Deep Heat’s popular slogan of ‘keep going’ that constantly encourages its consumers to keep on moving and continue striving. “We are thrilled to be part of the Comrades Marathon, both in the build up to this event and on race day itself. It affords us yet another opportunity to support our consumers.”

Part of this will see Deep Heat collaborate with leading South African coaches and nutritionists to share vital build-up and pre-race day tips and recommendations to help enhance the participant’s experience.

The Comrades Marathon is a deeply rooted South African event, the greatest ultramarathon of all time and one of the oldest races of its kind. As a heritage brand, and South Africa’s number one choice for clinically proven pain relief, Deep Heat’s three-year partnership with Comrades Marathon affords it the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and to do so in support of its consumers – ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things!