A Beginner’s Guide to Learning your Body Types

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning your Body Types

There are three major body types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. These are three widely accepted body types over the years. The exercise practised to keep the body fit if matched with the body type will have a better effect. Apart from the previously mentioned three body types, there are various other factors which when understood can help in keeping the body fit and healthy.

Most of the important things which a beginner should be aware of related to the body types are explained below.

Ectomorph – Ectomorph is characterized by thin, long muscles and slim body structure. The people who have ectomorph body structure don’t gain weight even if they eat foods containing too much of fat.

Mesomorph – Mesomorph is characterized by the muscular body, medium sized bones and wide shoulders. Also, people who have mesomorph body structure have a narrow waist.

Endomorph – Endomorph is characterized by large bone structures, wider waists and so on. Their body stores fatter and they have an overall curvy structure.

Determining the reason for the body structure is bit different. Also, it is rare to find people who fall into one category, most of the population is a combination of two body types. The three important factors which determine the body structures are storing fat, gaining weight and building muscles. These three factors can be taken as the three edges of the triangle and the reason for the body structure can lie anywhere on the triangle.

The above three factors can be put up in the following assumptions

  • The rate of burning energy could be higher in some cases
  • More Muscle building happens in some cases
  • More energy can be stored as fat

The list can go on as there are numerous factors which influence the structure of the body. Even the workings of the muscle may differ from person to person and it is discussed further below

The general classifications of muscles are

Slow twitch muscles (type I)

These muscles carry more oxygen and can also facilitate longer aerobic activity i.e activities which use require the muscles to use oxygen. These types of muscles can function for longer periods of time, but they are not strong. For example, these muscles help in activities such as in long runs.

Fast twitch muscles (type II b)

These muscles carry less oxygen and can only work for a short time of anaerobic activity i.e the activities which require lots of glycogen to be burned by the muscles. These muscles have a lot of strength and they gain size easily.

Fast twitch muscles (type II a)

These muscles are a blend of type I and type II muscles and they serve the purpose of both aerobic and anaerobic muscles.

The type I muscles remain unchanged for a long part of the life and if as we age the type II muscles decrease in terms of both age and size. It is possible to change the muscle fibres by rigorous training.

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