10 Reasons You Need to Enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour

10 Reasons You Need to Enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour
10 Reasons You Need to Enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour

On the second Sunday in March each year, thousands of cyclists hit the roads of Africa’s most beautiful city for the biggest social occasion in Lycra. The Cycle Tour will be held for the 46th time in 2024. It now boasts two events; the classic 109km route around the peninsula, and the 42km route that was introduced in 2023 to encourage a new band of cycling brothers and sisters to join the ranks of Cycle Tour finishers. Here’s a reminder of why you should do it!

Fully closed roads

The only cars you will find on the route are official event vehicles, so you really can enjoy every kilometre without worrying about big tin cans and their distracted drivers.

You won’t be alone

Cape Town is already South Africa’s cycling city, but on Cycle Tour Sunday, bicycles really do rule and with thousands rolling, you won’t have a moment of loneliness.

Eat, drink and be merry

There are 12 fabulously-stocked refreshment stations on the route, powered by Coca Cola, Powerade and water, and a friendly massage therapist or two, to keep your motor running.

Make history

Be a part of the ongoing history of the Cycle Tour – there are two riders who have ridden every single one, including the inaugural event in 1978, but there are categories and jerseys for 10-time, 21-time, 30-time and 40-time finishers too; long-term goals rock!

It’s so pretty!

The Cape is spectacular in late summer; from the Blue Flag beaches, to the cooling forests, the world-famous Table Mountain and the myriad heritage sites along the way, there’s always something to distract from the effort.


Yes, indeed, the most feared climb on the entire route, the mile-long sufferfest out of Hout Bay is a mighty good reason to enter. It’s the final hurdle on the route, and is lined with spectators urging, pushing, massaging and cajoling; an unmissable passage you will remember forever.

Measure yourself

The Cape Town Cycle Tour ranks as one of the biggest timed races in the world – every finisher gets a time and a position, so you can see where you stand in any one of your cycling or friendship circles.

And measure again…

If you’ve ridden it before, here’s your chance to see if you’ve been good with your training – the Cycle Tour keeps record of every single finish of every rider for each of the 45 events to date… maybe your dad rode it in 1979; did you beat him?

Ride for a charity

The Cycle Tour raises millions for charity for its two beneficiaries, the Pedal Power Association and the Rotary Club of Claremont, but you can also ride for your own charity or join one of the many charity groups that block-book entries and ride together to raise funds and awareness on this glorious day.


The Cape Town Cycle Tour – for all the reasons above and more – is totally Instagrammable, so fire up your social media apps and remember to hashtag #ctcycletour as you make the world jealous of your grand adventure.

Visit www.capetowncycletour.com to secure your spot on the start line.