The coolest outfits in 2020 for fashion girls in South Africa

The coolest outfits in 2020 for fashion girls in South Africa
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The South African female fashion clothing scenario in 2019 was dominated by trendy patchwork designs, floral prints, Kimono dresses, and vibrant colors. The African designers also showcased the best of Africa throughout the year. South African fashion girls are also evolving their fashion sense and know that not being relevant is among the top fashion mistakes to avoid.

2020 is now just around the corner and the great quandary for every fashionista girl in South Africa is “What outfits to wear in the upcoming year”? Based on Ace Fashion designers’ opinions and expert’s predictions of trends to be followed in 2020, I have gathered an array of outfits the fashion girls will love to wear next year.

1. Kimonos:

Originated in Japan, the Kimono in South Africa is a hot favorite and will remain so in 2020. Made from many types of fabrics (Satin, Cotton, and silk) and presented in various styles and designs, the outfit is definitely the prettiest clothing item, especially in summer. The Ultra-versatile Kimonos with bright floral prints will be adored by every fashion girl next year. To look great they will layer long styles with dresses.

2. Laced outfits:

The South African Fashion story is incomplete without lace. The fashion designer and founder of the label African style story, Carla Pinto says “The key to lace is the right color, style, and fabric”. So be it a long-sleeved multi-layered party dress or some short sleeve Maxi, The South African Divas will make style statements by choosing pieces that are draped with lace.

3. Denim:

The cute denim shorts and jeans will keep on ruling South African fashion markets in 2020 and girls will be eager as always to make them part of their wardrobes. Owing to Fabric innovation and techniques we expect to see even more enthusiasm among young girls for this universal and timeless clothing item. For denim dresses, pants and skirts we will be seeing them playing with colors in different cuts and shapes.

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4. Tank Tops and Vests:

The top tanks for warm South African summers are an essential Gym clothing item and a comfortable casual outfit for all girls. The fashion girls in 2020 will go for crop top proportions or elongated lengths in ribbed fabrics or soft cotton. Our South African fashion-loving girlies will stand out in all styles. I.e. wide, thick or thin straps and a curved hem.

5. Prints all over:

Prints of all types (from bold to floral and geometric to animal prints) will remain the most loved style among South African fashion girls in 2020. Stylists and designers predict that next year we will witness psychedelic prints everywhere. And South African fashion girls are no exception.

6. Pleated Pants:

The stylish Boho girls of South Africa will love to add pleated pants in their wardrobes in 2020. For the office, going women who also have a knack for styling will select high-waisted pairs while for eveningwear, a masculine silhouette will be just right.

7. Polka Dots:

The South African fashion is always impacted by the trends showcased in international fashion shows (New York, Paris, Milan, etc.) The Polka dot dresses were reigning supreme in 2019/2020 shows and South African fashion girls who are already great polka dot lovers will follow suit in 2020. One will, therefore, see a lot of South African girls in Maxi dresses and skirts with Polka dots next year.

8. Classic White Blazers:

A chic white blazer will be very much in demand next year. Gavin Gage, the man behind the Iconic brand ”Witchery’s” considers this as one of the key items every South African woman must have in her wardrobe in 2020. A white blazer is superbly compatible with almost any look.

9. Knit Tops:

The knit tops which every South African fashion-loving girl likes the whole summer carries them to fall also with its characteristic transitional-weather-outfit status. With temperatures going further down, these can be layered with a jean jacket.

10. Modern Classics:

Inspired by the House of Lucent collection in South Africa Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020, which featured lined suits and wrapped dresses, the Modern classics trend was appreciated warmly and the trend will be continued in 2020 also. The designer of this collection had received “The Top Emerging Designer Award” also.

11. Peplum Style Tops:

Peplum style tops gather the fabrics at the waist and hide all imperfections. The style guru Luis Escudero has forecasted that this will be a dominating trend in 2020. It is also predicted that the trend will be highly popular among South African girls also who will incorporate peplum design in evening gowns and casual outfits.

12. Built-in Belts in outfits:

Ever since Meghan Markel showed a bit of leather touch in her outfits the South African women have also become enthusiasts of belting out the outfits. Now leather belts are increasingly being used to cinch suit blazers and skirts. The trend will further pick up and in 2020 we will see lots of girls wearing dresses with built-in belts.

13. Neons:

Neon was very much in fashion throughout 2019 and its charm is not going to fade. The South African girls want to make style statements like other women elsewhere and that is made easy with Neons as bright shades of yellow, green and purple catch the attraction soon. So you will see South African fashion girls in Neon top pants, leggings, and fitted tees.

14. Jumpsuits:

Being the most versatile piece of clothing, a jumpsuit will never go out of fashion not only in South Africa but elsewhere in the world. Since they can be worn at any time of the day/night and in any season they are liked by every girl. Whether it is a full length or cropped length, choosing a relaxed-fit piece is highly comforting. The South African fashion girls will keep wearing this for an unrivaled look.

15. Graphic Tees:

Tees with funny and interesting letters, designs and images have been very popular among South African modern fashionistas. They are going to be equally demanding in 2020 and beyond. These South African cuties will keep on rocking in graphic sweatshirts pairing with a pair of denim jeans.