Summer Trouser Trends For Men & Women

Summer Trouser Trends For Men & Women

The majority of us have spent most of the time at home in the last year and a half, with virtual meetings and working from home is becoming the new normal. This led to many of us overhauling our closets with loungewear and tracksuits becoming a substantial part of our daily uniform. Don’t be disheartened, the time to revamp your closets for workwear and party essentials has finally arrived as we see a shift to the new normal.

The high-quality fashion brand, Nautica, which draws inspiration from the joys of water and the relaxed vibe of nautical style provides you with summer trouser trends for both men and women incorporating a nautical theme that results in a classic, yet refined modern line of clothing.

The Men’s Slim Ankle Chino and Men’s Beacon Chino Pants are easy to wear for smart-casual situations, as well as informal dress codes, a well-cut chino will make the most reliable option for all your occasions.

The Relaxed Porkchop Pock Pant and Women’s Elastic Waist Pant provide a good, comfortable stretch at the waist and these lightweight pants will be your new go-to for off-duty styling.

The classic, fresh and nostalgic clean lines and colours are a great look for warm weather anywhere. The heat is on the rise and a pair of tailored chinos together with relaxed pants is all you need to temper the degrees.

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