Rock Streetwear Fashion At Your Nearest Shisa Nyama

Rock Streetwear Fashion At Your Nearest Shisa Nyama

During the festive season domestic traveling is guaranteed in South Africa and this is the period where you get to have a good time at your nearest Shisa nyama. Shisa nyamas have perfected the township lifestyle experience and it encourages you to enjoy braai meat with friends while having your car washed, having drinks, or moving to groovy beats whilst wearing your favourite and latest outfits.

From the urban streetwear brand Nautica Competition’s  Solomon Bucket Hat to casual t-shirts such as the Men’s Warash Tees, these fashion items can be worn both indoors and outdoors and would be a perfect fit when enjoying the vibe at a Shisa Nyama.

This bold bucket hat and the staple t-shirt with Nautica Competition graphic to the front are perfect for adding finesse to an outfit you will be rocking at a shisa nyama.

The Shisa nyama culture has grown over the years and it is a popular place to go during the weekend. Nowadays it’s no longer just about the music, meat, and drinks but thanks to social media it is about having a good time whilst wearing your favourite clothes.

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