Rare Earth Re-Launches Exclusively at Cape Union Mart

Rare Earth Re-Launches Exclusively at Cape Union Mart
Rare Earth Re-Launches Exclusively at Cape Union Mart

Rare Earth, the exclusive women’s clothing brand, will re-launch its exciting new seasonal capsule in time for summer. Rare Earth, a house brand that lived under the Poetry umbrella, has found a new home, launching exclusively at Cape Union Mart stores. The range, which includes accessories, garments and footwear, is known for being functional, technical and made for the outdoors, making Cape Union Mart the perfect fit. The new summer capsule will include three categories, namely Safari, Outdoor Active and Travel Accessories.

Buying less, but better

According to Poetry Creative Director Johan Van Der Merwe, the Rare Earth re-launch at Cape Union Mart was inspired by consumers’ shift in buying behaviour.

“Being someone who is constantly on the move, locally and internationally, I noticed the shift in people’s behaviour and how they look at their wardrobes. Gone are the days when you chased the latest fast fashion trend or disposable fashion garments.”

He continues, “ I noticed the need for a well-curated and considered collection of wardrobe essentials; products that consumers can find and wear again and again. Something that lives throughout the seasons and that is ideal for the everyday uniform. People no longer want to be paralysed by too many choices; it’s about buying less, but better.”

When speaking on the Rare Earth product attributes, Van Der Merwe notes the brand’s commitment to putting longevity first. “We choose lasting style and quality over passing trends. Every piece should have a long lifespan. We want you to wear our clothes in five years from now.”

He continues that the brand is on a pursuit for new experiences and not peak performance. “We are fully committed to the purpose and functionality of our garments. Each raw ingredient is carefully selected to protect and keep you cool and comfortable.”

Favoured during the South African summer

Featuring relaxed styles and natural fabrics, the all-new cool and comfortable SS20 collection boasts ethically sourced cotton and pure linens, making it lightweight, breathable and incredibly comfortable. Its fabrics make for a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple for all seasons but are particularly favoured during the South African summer.

Van Der Merwe continues, “Our relaxed silhouettes offered in various weights of cotton, pure linen and drapey viscose fabrics lends itself to a laid-back feel that’s ideal for the perfect summer holiday. The breathable properties of our linen keep you cool and comfortable for the weekend, while the silky feel of viscose is smooth and gentle against the skin.”

A local and more sustainable brand

Following a mass consumer movement for shoppers to invest in local and more sustainable brands, Van Der Merwe confirms Rare Earth answers to both. “Our current contribution of locally manufactured goods is 26%. We are committed to growing this contribution through investing in and our constant focus on developing our local skills and technologies.”

“No matter where you’re planning to go this summer and beyond, whether it’s a long weekend getaway or a day hike, Rare Earth has got you covered in our travel-inspired clothing, made with comfort and function in mind so that you are ready for all life’s adventures,” he concludes.

Rare Earth will be available exclusively in all Cape Union Mart stores across the country from October 16th, 2020. For more information, visit Cape Union Mart online.