Preparing For Your Wedding Day

Preparing For Your Wedding Day
Preparing For Your Wedding Day

So the big question was asked! You are officially engaged, and it’s time to start getting ready for your wedding. There are countless steps to prepare for a perfect celebration, which can feel a bit overwhelming if you’re just getting started in the planning process. Rather than letting the preparations stress you out, here are five things to focus on to prepare for your big day. 

Setting a Budget

The first step to successful wedding planning is setting a budget. Before you can do anything else like choosing a venue, finding a dress or tuxedo, and talking to your wedding party, you need to know how much you can feasibly spend on the celebrations. There are many components that go into a wedding, from booking a location to purchasing a ring, so you’ll need to sit down with your future spouse and outline exactly what money the pair of you can spend. 

Along similar lines, who will be funding the wedding? Traditionally, the bride’s family fronts most of the cost, but in modern times, that has shifted. Now, things are far more fluid. You may both be contributing, as may your families. No matter where the money comes from, you need to know how much you plan on spending. 

Finding a Ring

The next box to check on your wedding preparation list is finding a ring. Before you say “I Do”, you want to have the perfect ring on your spouse’s finger. Once you have your budget narrowed down, it’ll be far easier to find a ring to match. Whether you’re going all out and looking at platinum wedding rings, or staying on the frugal end of things and looking toward sterling silver options, finding a ring is more about your partner than the price tag. 

What style does your partner like? What sort of work do they do? Will they need to have something highly durable like tungsten or titanium? There are multiple things to consider when finding a wedding ring, but you’ll know the perfect ring for your partner when you see it. 

Picking a Date

Next, it’s time to pick a date for your wedding ceremony. The date largely depends on what season you want for your celebration. If you’ve always dreamed of having a backdrop of colorful leaves and harvest colors, you may want to choose a date in the fall. If you want warmth for an outdoor wedding, pick a date in the spring or summer. The specific date you choose will mainly be up to the venue you book and the services you hire, such as catering, but you need to narrow down the general season you want for your wedding.

Choosing a Venue 

Fourth, choose a venue for your wedding. The venue will make up a majority of your budget, between booking costs and catering. Whether you’re planning on an outdoor wedding in a storybook forest or a classic cathedral ceremony, it’s essential to have your venue locked down before you get too far with the planning. Things like decorations, invitations, and guest accommodations will all need your venue to be planned first.

Inviting Your Guests

Finally, it’s time to invite your guests! Now that you have your venue and budget set out, you can narrow down exactly how many guests you can afford to have at your ceremony. This can be one of the most difficult aspects of planning the ceremony. You may have to make some hard decisions over who to invite vs. who not to invite in order to meet your count. 

Once you have the final list of who you want at your wedding, you need to send out actual invitations. While you can send out Save The Dates as well, it’s not entirely necessary and usually is a waste of budget. Sending out invites adequately early can replace the need for any other reminders, saving you money on your budget. 

Overall, planning your wedding will always be time-intensive and a bit stressful, but keeping these five things in mind will help you stay on task.