Mangalsutra: Legacy Of Indian Culture, Its Design And Mini Mangalsutra


Mangalsutra the word came from Sanskrit word Mangala. The word mangalsutra means holy or auspicious thread. This is like a necklace which is mainly used by married women.

In the Indian subcontinent, groom ties this mangalsutra around the bride’s neck in the ceremony called MangalyaDharanam. This word MangalyaDharanam is also coming from Sanskrit which means wearing the auspicious.

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Through this mangalsutra, a woman is identified as a married woman. This is like a social the practice of India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. This is also a part of the marriage ceremony prescribed in the Manusmriti. This is the most important and significant jewellery for a married woman. This mangalsutra defines and symbolizes the love or bond of the marriage. This is not only jewellery to wear. It is a sign of married women. This mangalsutra is very important for women from the wedding day.

Mangalsutra is a very important part of marriage. It signifies the bond between husband and wife. This is like a promise made by the wife for her husband. According to some experts, Mangalsutra has deep meaning. Mangal means sacred and sutra means thread. So, this is a sacred thread which is worn by a woman after getting married and support all the vows and promises which are taken during the wedding. The significance of mangalsutra was written by AdiShankara in his famous book soundaryaLahari.

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Components of Mangalsutra

Mainly mangalsutra is a necklace which is mainly made with black beads, and these beads strung from a black or yellow thread. This thread is prepared with turmeric. Gold, white, or red beads are also used in mangalsutra and it depends on the culture or regional variation. Now in modern days, there are different types of modern design or beads used in mangalsutra to make it more beautiful. Nowadays mangalsutra’s are made with oval or cylindrical beads of black and golden. The golden colour beads are made with gold. There is a beautiful pendant in the middle.

There can be more than two rows of beads as per the customer’s demand. These mangalsutra’s can be short or very short which is close to. The neck or can be medium size near to the chest or can have a good length. Most of the mangalsutra has gold plating, and black beads. Sometimes there can be diamonds too. The chain part is made with gold and black beads which are arranged alternately. This chain can be made as per the preference of the customer. It can have a row of black beads and interrupted by a golden bead or vice versa as well. The pendant is also can be very tiny or can be medium-sized as per customer requirements. This pendant is mainly made with gold and carving lines on it. This pendant also studded with tiny diamonds.  Nowadays the use of diamond in mangalsutra is prevalent. It makes the mangalsutra beautiful and eye catchy. The pendant is also made as per the want of the customer.

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Mangalsutra design

Nowadays mangalsutra’s are of different types and made with gold and black as well as diamond. There are two-part of a mangalsutra one is the chain and the other are the pendant. These two can be made with different designs. Nowadays the light designs are very much popular. As mangalsutra used on a daily basis by the women so, it is very much difficult to wear heavy mangalsutra. So, they prefer lightweight and light designs. Nowadays the use of diamonds is very significant in the mangalsutra. It makes the mangalsutra more beautiful and elegant. There are many jewellery shops which make customized mangalsutra as per their customer want. Nowadays English lightweight designs are very much famous among the customers. Waman Hari Pethe sons mangalsutra designs are very much famous among the women for the best and unique mangalsutra designs.

The unique designs are very much appreciated by the customers. For different kinds of religion, the design of mangalsutra became different. Many jewellers have their own designs, and make unique designs.

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Types of mangalsutra

It is believed that mangalsutra, which is one of the most essential aspects of the Hindu tradition, originated in South India and was adopted by the Northern states. In South India, the name and style of a mangalsutra change depending on the community and caste. It is usually called a thaali or thirumangalyam, and it has a long yellow thread and a gold pendant representing the Goddess Supreme. The North Indian version of a mangalsutra usually has a black beads chain and a gold pendant. The pendant is called the tanmaniya and it comes in a variety of designs.

North Indian weddings usually have a separate ceremony for tying the sacred thread around the bride’s neck. However, some traditions do not have any such ritual. For instance, Bengali brides don’t wear mangalsutra’s. Instead, they wear Sakha Paula bangles. Similarly, the Marwari’s do not have the custom of wearing a Mangalsutra. However, they have been sporting the jewellery due to the increasing pop culture. While most people associate mangalsutra with a religious custom, there is also a sound scientific justification behind it. Hindu culture emphasizes on wearing a mangalsutra made of pure gold and it is often advised that the mangalsutra should be hidden behind the inners.

According to ayurveda the ancient Indian science pure gold has a number of healing properties, and the most important of them is improved heart health. Apart from the health benefits, it is also believed that a mangalsutra having mustard-sized black beads in it wards off the evil while upholding the sanctity of the marriage. You can find all types of WamanHariPethe Mini Mangalsutra designs at their portal.

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The cups ought to be spherical and there ought to be no style on its front. Round shape is related to zero, that is, with the Brahman consisting of void. The ability to soak up, and emit the waves of specific level as per the requirement of the person is a lot of within the shape compared to the opposite shapes. Round shape is symbolic of energy of Knowledge. Round shape is related to the sattva-guna within the sort of Shiva-Shakti.

The central point of the round shape provides waves in the form of striking energy whereas the raised part is associated with Brahman in the form of Shiva. On each side of every cup there are two spherical gold beads. This structure is associated with the energy of knowledge. The waves of emotions are activated within the anahat-chakra of the lady. The waves of energy of information are attracted towards the circular figure of the voids of the cups of the mangalsutra. The waves of information assimilate the waves of the woman’s emotions. By this process the woman’s actions karma become non-actions akarmas, that is, the law of action-and-fruit is not applicable to the karma done by the woman because of which the awareness of doer ship of the woman reduces.

The four floral leaf flowers are higher than the cups. Above every cup of the mangalsutra, there is a figure of a four petal flower. This is associated with the action energy. The vibrations of the woman’s energy of action solidify within the spherical beads and are within the forefront in functioning as per the requirement. It helps generate a protecting sheath close to the anahat-chakra of the lady.

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