Lee Denim Styles & Fits That Matter Most

Lee Denim Styles & Fits That Matter Most

The legends of denim, Lee, have been around since the the1800’s and are known for their timeless denim styles. As the years tick by, certain styles drift in and out of fashion, but denim styles and fits have stood the test of time.

Lee is all about providing the perfect fitted style denim that will suit your everyday look. Blue denim is the most popular amongst men with enough shades of blue for every occasion. Black jeans are also a firm favorite amongst men and look great not only because they’re simple to wear and easy to style, but also considered to be more fashion forward.

Faded denim looks great for a more casual look or weekend outings. Cuff them above the ankle and step out with suede Chukka boots or a pair of throwback sneakers. It’s best to go with the “less is more” approach, and faded denim looks great especially when paired with a dark coloured t-shirt.

Slim-fit denim is always going to look good, regardless of year or season. This style is one of the fundamental building blocks of any wardrobe. It’s simple and  best paired with other fitted clothing.

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