How Do I Make Sure I’m Buying 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions?

How Do I Make Sure I’m Buying 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are women’s go-to method to gain thick voluminous hair instantly and as desired. You want to get that glamorous Instagram-queen hairdo with stylish hair extensions. And you’ve heard that Remy Hair is the best on the market for durable, elegant but natural hairstyles. However, you still don’t know how to tell you are actually buying 100% Remy human hair. 

Read on to find out how to make sure you’re buying 100% Remy hair extensions. 

100% Remy human hair weave have distinct features that make them stand out from the crowd of hair extensions. Below are the most obvious ones. 


Remy Hair is sourced from human donors. And usually, each set is taken from a single donor and this makes for a unique uniform look. Examining the weft thoroughly will help you check if there is uniformity in the look and feel of the hair extensions you want to buy. If all the wefts look and feel exactly the same, that could be a pointer that what you have is Remy.

But of course, you want to be very sure. So you definitely want to check out the other features by which you can tell you are looking at a 100% Remy Hair. 

The Most Natural Appearance 

Remy hair extensions are the most superior on the market simply because they retain 100% of the hair cuticles. And since they’re manually sorted and thoroughly processed, the cuticles are arranged to face the same direction. This gives the final product a very natural appeal. Check to make sure that the hair extensions you want to buy really looks like the natural human hair. 


Texture-wise, Remy hair extensions feel very soft and silky, unlike the synthetic ones and other 100% human hair extensions. Remy Hair is a no-tangling, no-matting human hair extension. It also does not shed excessively. 

Natural Shine 

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions have a natural, healthy shine that can’t be washed off. Even with regular use, Remy Hair retains its original shine, texture, and color no matter how many times you wash, style, or heat it. 

Natural Hair Treatment 

Remy hair extensions, as truly 100% human hair extensions, can be treated the same way your natural hair can be treated. So it gives you flexibility options in styling, curling, waving, straightening, and coloring the hair. You may ask to test the hair extension with heat to be sure it really is 100% Remy human hair. 


Remy Hair lasts the longest of all human hair extensions in the market. With proper maintenance, Remy will not lose the natural shine even after a year of constant usage. And the reason is not far-fetched. It is truly natural human hair. 

Indique hair extensions are the most expensive on the market, but I haven’t added price as one of the features you can use to distinguish Remy Hair from non-Remy and even from synthetic products. That’s because most hair extensions vendors price some good looking synthetic hair extensions and non-Remy as Remy Hair. And if you do not use the features listed above to check the hair extension you want to buy, you might get ripped off at best, or get disappointed with the entire hair extensions experience at worst. So be wise.