Get outside and get active with The North Face

Get outside and get active with The North Face
Get outside and get active with The North Face

Take Advantage Of Cape Town’s Outdoor Free Exercise Options With The North Face

Cape Town is all about health and fitness and the city has created 47 outdoor gyms around our city for communities to enjoy for free. The outside gym areas are scattered around the city offering breathtaking views of the parks, the ocean, or our famous mountain. Open to the public and offers the option of health and fitness to the masses, especially those who cannot afford commercial gyms. These gyms are designed with safety in mind suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels and are perfect for workouts in the summer heat.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is safer to exercise outdoors rather than in a gym. Many fitness centers have since reopened, though some may appear a little different in terms of occupancy, procedures, and offerings.

With an athletic range of clothing and footwear that is fashionable enough for the outdoor gym, but technical enough to be worn on the trails, The North Face caters to all your fitness needs. Wearing fitness apparel from The North Face will make you want to run, jump, and get active.

Explore our top outdoor gym facilities in Cape Town with The North Face and get fit in style

The Sea Point Outdoor Gym is one of the earliest, and most popular, outdoor gym facilities in Cape Town. The outdoor gym features an air skier, cross trainer, gymnastics rings, horizontal ladders, leg presses, and a few other pieces of equipment for a full-body workout. A great stop-over after a workout or run on the promenade to complete your workout for the day while enjoying the view of the ocean.

Alphen Calisthenics Park, Constantia, boasts an amazing view of the mountain, as well as good calisthenics equipment which can be used for a variety of exercises. The park offers monkey bars, pull-up bars, dip bars, a sit-up bench,  Combine function and fashion at an outside gym near you with The North Face’s selections below, paired with your performance apparel pieces to help you reach your fitness goals.

Dan Pienaar Circle Park Outdoor Gym, Plumstead

Fort Road Park Outdoor Gym, Three Anchor Bay

Hout Bay Common Park Outdoor Gym, Hout Bay

Having access to these outdoor gyms improves and promotes Capetonian’s overall fitness and physical health, and allows them to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to being essential to good health and longevity, outdoor exercise has been found to be more restorative than indoor exercise since natural habitats reduce emotional and physiological stress. Exercising outdoors offers the same physical benefits as exercising indoors.