Everything you need to know about Japanese watches

Everything you need to know about Japanese watches
Everything you need to know about Japanese watches. Image: Supplied

Japanese watches are world-renowned and notorious for being modern in esthetic, reasonably affordable and superior in quality. Japanese made timepieces are known for being reliable, lasting the average consumer well over a decade of consistent use which speaks highly of their durability and exceptional resilience.

It is extremely beneficial, when choosing the right watch maker and design, to consider the versatility of the product and how it can be incorporated into your life. The overall design and comfort ability are a vital deciding factor and the right choice will suit various occasions and life events, whether it is worn to a casual affair or an essential business outing. Your choice will solely depend on your style and personality but regardless of esthetics, Japanese watches are an excellent choice to consider.

Japanese watches are a fierce contender to even the most recognized Swiss watch brands due to their emphasis on technological innovation and outstanding performance, making them a leader in the watch manufacturing industry. With the focus being on mechanical improvements and leading edge, high tech mechanics, Japanese watch makers tend to hold back when it comes to extravagant and luxurious designs, differentiating and separating them from their Swiss competitors.

The influx of Christian missionaries in Japan in the 16th century brought about the sacred art of watch making, beginning with educating the Japanese people on creating contemporary timepieces and movements. In the 1950s, Seiko Quartz movement lead to a considerable collapse of conventional mechanical watches. This led to a 62.5% drop in sales for the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Today, Quartz movement can be seen in the majority of popular Japanese watch brands such as Seiko and Citizen.

Seiko is one of Japan’s most famous and well-known watch brands, being worn by celebrities worldwide and even making appearances in various Hollywood films, such as the 007 franchise. Its prestigious yet simple design is a staple for virtually any style and event. Seiko upholds its brand’s standards with exceptional quality at a moderate price point, making it an affordable luxury.

Citizen is another Japanese watch brand that is renowned for its hi-tech and innovative design. With their Eco-Drive technology, watch winding and batteries have become outdated and obsolete. Citizen Eco-Drive watches can be recharged with natural and artificial light, making if an efficient and effective timepiece to own. Citizen watches come in a variety of materials at various price points, producing a favorable product for a large range of customers. With the advancement of Eco-Drive Bluetooth watches, many new features have been incorporated into the technology, including up to three alarm settings and phone notifications, such as incoming calls and messages.

Regardless of which watch brand you choose, Japanese design, reliability and their technological aspirations are what make their watches an exceptional choice for every customer on any budget. From modern and minimalistic to lavish in esthetic, Japanese watches are suitable for any occasion, style and personality, making them one of the world’s most famous and sought-after watches.

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