Children’s Fashion Can Turn You Into Their Favourite Teacher Of All Time

Children’s Fashion Can Turn You Into Their Favourite Teacher Of All Time

Has it ever crossed your mind that by using fashion for the educational development of your children, you have a magnificent source of tutoring tools at your fingertips that you can apply on the run? All it takes is your imagination, their curiosity and our gorgeous fashionable clothing as teaching aids, and voila!! CharmGarm’s fun homeschooling and tutoring can begin.

One of the most popular kiddie fashion trends that have been loved by little boys for years is dinosaurs. Show me a boy that is not proudly wearing a t-shirt, hoody or pajamas that are adorned by these fascinating, ancient creatures. And don’t be surprised when mister genius rambles down a long list of different types of dinosaurs as the new residential dinosaur expert in your home. Use this window of opportunity to develop his curiosity and interest in the story of our planet and how animals and climate have changed over millions of years. You never know. You’re tutoring efforts might just be the stepping stone to fire up his interest to become a world-renowned climate change pioneer!

Come to think of it, girls are just as fascinated by dinosaurs. However, I do have my suspicion that the unicorn has a sporting chance to dethrone the dinosaur when it comes to your little princess’s discerning taste for more glamorous adornments to her attire. Stimulate her imagination by telling her that the unicorn was the size of a beautiful big horse. That it had a gracious white body with a magnificent mane that waved in the wind, a noble purple head and gentle blue eyes like the sky on a clear summer’s day. On its forehead was an elegant long horn, coloured red at the pointed tip, black in the middle and white at the base. Explain to her how the unicorn used this magical horn to purify the poisoned waters so that all the other wonderful creatures and animals of the forest may quench their thirst. If she asks you why the water was poisoned, you do have my sympathy explaining Greek mythology to her.

With children’s fashion, you can take your child on a fantasy Africa safari that comes in a cool variety of styles, prints, colours and 3D adornments. A friendly orange lion with a real woolly mane, multi-coloured giraffes with stuffed little horns, a pink and blue elephant with actual floppy ears and a smiling yellow crocodile with paws and scales to complete the outfit are all convenient opportunities to stimulate your child’s interest in the animal kingdom and where they live in the world. If the learning experience needs to be more experiential, you can settle for their leopard print outfits and may I suggest you include a few earth-shattering growls and energetic leaps to grab your student’s attention. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

If your baby is a genius – which we all know to be a genuine fact – there is no reason why you cannot teach your bundle of joy the ABC song by using the alphabet embroidered on his onesie. Nothing stops you either to teach your little girl the survival skills needed for her excavation trip to dig up the gold at the end of the beautiful rainbow on her jacket.

By exploring the wonderful world that a fashionable and imaginative wardrobe from CharmGarm can bring to your children, you too – like the magical unicorn of the forest – can play an important role to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Enjoy, and remember we are here to help you!

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