Chandre Goosen-Joubert launches ‘Truth or Dare’ fashion collection

Chandre Goosen-Joubert launches ‘Truth or Dare’ fashion collection
Chandre Goosen-Joubert launches 'Truth or Dare' fashion collection

Chandre Goosen-Joubert, aka Lady G, is a true Capetonian at heart who is passionate about fashion, fast cars, footwear, female rights and all things fabulous!

As a dedicated Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Public Speaker and a Mother to twin boys, her passion for fashion and fashion-design was something that was always embedded in her, which has now become one of her main career focus areas.


Starting from humble beginnings in the fashion world, Chandre worked two jobs in the fashion industry where she ultimately found her passion for garments and design.

After living in London for 2 years, CEO and Designer Chandre Goosen-Joubert travelled to Bangkok in order to research the fashion industry before opening her own fashion label, Chandre and Co.


In 2017, Chandre was fully committed to the fashion element of her brand and travelled to Paris to submerge herself further in the fashion industry, educating herself on styles and trends for the upcoming seasons. She describes this trip as having reigniting her passion and drive which made her even more determined to make her own label a success.

Her now established boutique fashion brand, Chandre and Co, stands for all things “Retro and Feminine” and is set to make its mark in the South African fashion industry.


Inspired by the go-getter, Chandre and Co clothing is for the woman that is adventurous at heart! After flirting with the idea of owning and starting her own fashion line for many years, Chandre turned that dream into a reality and in 2021 launched her latest collection – the Truth or Dare Collection.

The designer lives by the motto “just do it” which rings true for someone who is always on the go, 24/7. With 2021 seeing her release her brand new collection, she has tailored it around the concept of being “Fearless” – something that she believes as a woman, she stands strongly for.

“Being fearless is NOT known in the world, NOT knowing is good for the soul and MIND.” Chandre says.


The Truth or Dare Collection embodies and represents “CHANDRE” – a woman who is fearless; someone who chases her dreams no matter what is said by others. The collection in her opinion, is something different to what we are seeing now. Something that is a little more corporate but with a touch of “Chandre’s retro magic.”

When it comes to Chandre’s brand image, one can take a look at her social media pages to know that she exudes a “Boss-Babe” mentality. Chandre is the type of woman that dreams big and aims high with her designs and collection pieces having already been spotted on the streets of London, New York and Paris. As a businesswoman, she believes it is important to pay tribute to her manufacturers in Paris, and London with her collection exuding a ‘London street-style’ feel.


CEO and Designer, Chandre Goosen-Joubert has spent many years attending fashion shows in NYC and Paris absorbing knowledge and lessons from some of the best fashion designers in the world. When it comes to the designing process for her brand, she takes pride in designing all her pieces herself.

“Yes I design all my pieces, designing is one of the best parts of being in fashion… Inspiration comes from everything around me, including my personality. My new designs are inspired by one’s daily lifestyle and knowing what every woman needs to feel comfortable, yet stylish at the same time. We are also doing loungewear this season.” she says.


Her new collection, Truth or Dare, is available from the 1st June, online. 

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