Celebrating Little Acts of Love with Pandora

Celebrating Little Acts of Love with Pandora

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, Pandora reveals how 2020 has impacted relationships and human connection around the world, with shared values and little acts of love more important than ever before

70% of people believe that relationships are more important since the pandemic

66% feel inspired to make more of an effort with the important people in their lives

62% remember special occasions to show their loved ones that they care

59% agree relationships now are more focused on shared values than in previous years

South Africa, 29 January 2021: Despite the challenges last year brought, there is a bright side. As part of Pandora’s journey to explore what love means in today’s world, the jewellery brand is unveiling the positive impact the events of 2020 have had on love and relationships around the world, affecting how we talk, care and connect with our loved ones. A global survey from 11 countries found 2020 has had a positive impact on different types of relationships in people’s lives, and 70% believe relationships are more important than ever before. Over half of this group (52%) said that connections with people were a source of joy during turbulent times, which was even more of a reason to nurture these relationships to ensure they withstand the difficult year. 64% say they talk more with their loved ones than before the pandemic and emphasis is being placed on showing people they are loved. Little acts of love and friendship have also increased since the start of the pandemic, including giving more gifts (61%), helping around the house (44%), and complimenting loved ones (37%).

Surveying 11,000 respondents, Pandora’s study found that in all types of relationship – romantic, friendship and family – people’s moral compass is a key factor for compatibility and even attraction. 74% of people surveyed reveal a person’s values are their most attractive quality, even over looks, body and mind. As a more socially aware society, 7 in 10 people believe our moral principles have evolved in the past year and 59% agree relationships are now more focused on shared values than in previous years. Respondents showed that shared family values (60%) and equality for everyone (50%) are the most important values that people look for in a romantic partner. Four in five people believe shared morals make any type of relationship stronger and 73% think it’s important those around them actively voice their values.

Interestingly, despite the often-perceived differences between the generations there are clear similarities between Gen Z’ers, Millennials and Baby Boomers when it comes to their value priorities, with family and equality topping thelist for all. Vita Clausen, Global PR & Influencer Director atPandora, explains: “We can see that 2020 has clearly had an impact on our relationships, and he way we appreciate love, with small interactions and little acts of love more important than ever. People are prioritizing relationships and making more of an effort with their loved ones, with 62% remembering special occasions to show that they care. So, we believe that Valentine’s Day will become even more special this year. As part of our mission to empower people to voice the things they love and express who they are, we encourage everyone to share their stories of love and what little acts of love means to them, this Valentine’s Day.”

To celebrate real love stories, Pandora has created the “An Exploration of Love” film series which sees a group of people share their experiences of love, friendship and how theyexpress themselves through little acts of love and affection for each other. Pandora is inviting people around the world to join in and share their love story on Instagram under #VoicesofPandora.