Arts For Different Nail Ideas That You Can Try At Home

Arts For Different Nail Ideas That You Can Try At Home

Having some change of manicures is one of the easiest ways to elevate your mood. There are so many arts that can be embraced for different nail ideas to bring out the finish you are looking for. Different nail arts help different people get the feeling of their best selves after getting their manicures.

Getting nail art is not a must, but it helps elevate your manicure. Different people have different creativity levels, which are needed to come up with different nail art. Working with a well-experienced nail artist is the major key to getting the best version of the art you want. The following are some nail art for different nail ideas that you can try either at home or at your manicure appointment.

1. Wavy Red

This is the best art if you love red nail ideas but don’t want the extra attention that comes with completely painting your nails red polish. This nail art can be defined as the perfect combination of minimal but appealing.

The design of this art is simple as it involves using a thin polish base coat and alluring it with wavy art on top with a red polish. 

When getting this art done by yourself, you should start by applying a very thin base coat and letting it dry for two minutes. Once the base coat has dried, you are required to use a fine detailed brush for the purpose of getting a defined artwork.

Doing the way red art is simple. You should just paint random swirl lines in any style you want, but you should have them in different thicknesses. When it comes to artwork, what matters is how subjective it is and not a matter of being perfect.


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2. White Stripe Art

This is one of the simplest arts you can try out. The definitive feature is the white stripe that runs from the tip to the bottom of each nail.

You can have any basecoat polish color you prefer as long as a white stripe is in the middle. Using simple and neutral colors for this color makes you look sophisticated.

For application, you need to apply the base coat and let it dry, followed by doing the artwork using a striping brush to make it more defined for any nail ideas. You can finish the design with gloss or a colorless top coat to seal the art and make it glow.

3. Statement Red

This is the perfect nail art if you love the red color. Red is a very popping color and should get attention to your manicure without you putting in any effort.

For this nail design, you can choose one nail where you put the art that makes a complete statement. For example, you can draw a star art on the middle finger. Use a bold and coordinating color like white for the art.


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4. Golden Stripes

Like white stripes, this nail idea’s art goes to the middle of the nail, running from the tip to the bottom. You can use any color for the basecoat, but it is advisable to use a neutral color in order to make the golden stripes clearly visible as the art.

You can also make your manicure stand out better by having the nail half done for the basecoat. This is done by doing one clear base and then getting a neutral color from the center of the nail to the tip. Finish up by getting the golden stripes, as it is the rule of this nail idea.

5. Party Dots Art

This idea is very girly if you are looking for very feminine art specifically. The dots are done on top of a very neutral base coat, making the simple design fun. You can use a bunch of your favorite colors to make dots on the overlap of the already-done base coat. 

The dots should be tiny and alternating in order to make a statement. the dots should also cover the entire nail to make the art more outstanding.

6. Lines

Nail art is a matter of creativity. For this amazing art, the statement comes from the different colored lines on top of the existing base coat. The base coat could be one of the many nail ideas based on personal choices.


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