8 winter fashion accessories for women who love to travel

8 winter fashion accessories for women who love to travel
8 winter fashion accessories for women who love to travel. Image source: Pexels

Whether you are new to traveling or a seasoned globetrotter, embarking on a trip can be very exciting.

Every destination has its appeal, but the snow-covered peaks and serenity of the winter nights hold a unique attraction for people from warmer climates.

However, you need to know about the winter wardrobe-essentials for you to enjoy your winter vacation without any hiccups.

Apart from the mandatory jackets and coats, you should pack additional accessories that can help you stay warm and dry. The layers necessary to stay comfortable also offer numerous opportunities to experiment with various textures and colors. Following is a list of winter-travel must-haves that will allow you to stay bundled up and enjoy your trip:


Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories. They keep you warm, especially during windy weather, and the oversized ones can function as a makeshift blanket or a shawl. Scarves also offer endless styling opportunities as you can tie them around your neck in several ways or drape them around the shoulders. They are also perfect for adding a dash of color or a whimsical touch to your otherwise monotonous outfit.

Woolen scarves work best in freezing temperatures as they offer the greatest warmth, while soft cashmere ones look chic and are warm enough for mildly cold weather. Knitted infinity scarves in soft acrylic fabrics are also cozy and perfect for draping around your neck when you are in a hurry.


Exploring a new town and traveling, in general, requires a lot of walking. You may take walking tours of the city, stroll through parks and museums, or go for a hike on a scenic trail. Boots are one of the trendiest footwear that can add flair to any outfit.

In addition to the boots’ aesthetic appeal, they keep your feet warm, are durable, and provide comfort and support in all the right places. Therefore, invest in waterproof quality shoes with a lining for added warmth and provide good traction and grip.


Leggings are not only functional but can also add character to your attire. These practical accessories look trendy, make your legs look toned, and elongate your silhouette. You can play with colors and prints to style your ensemble in different ways. They also take hardly any space in your luggage, making them an ideal travel wardrobe component.

Moreover, you can wear a pair of leggings for various purposes. When the weather becomes too chilly, make use of the plain ones as an additional layer under your pants for optimum warmth. On comparatively milder winter days, don a chic fleece-lined version with knee-high boots.


Even though a beanie may not be regarded as the most fashionable piece of winter clothing, it is a necessity of the weather. However, these woolen winter headwear are no longer a drab affair. The sheer amount of prints, colors, and styles ensure that you will not compromise your style quotient while keeping your head and ears warm.

Moreover, the way you wear your headgear can have a drastic effect on how it looks. For smaller, rounder faces, choose a looser hat and do not pull it down too low on your forehead. If you have a longer face, pick a beanie with a turn back cuff and a tighter fit so it is snug around your head.


Socks are another not so chic winter accessory but a significant item when you want to brave the chilly weather. Thermal socks are amazingly warm and keep your feet toasty since they are expert at trapping heat. They are the best option for you, especially if you are prone to getting ice blocks for feet. Another attribute to keep in mind when packing socks are their breathability since it helps keep your feet dry, comfortable, and odor-free.


Another one of the cold weather must-haves is the trusty gloves. However, you might be faced with the dilemma of keeping your hands warm or using your phone to capture photos. If you are an avid Instagrammer, go for the latest technological wonder, the touchscreen gloves. These allow you to use your phones without the hassles of taking off your gloves every few minutes.

If you have a faithful sidekick who can take on the photography duties, leather gloves with an insulating lining should be your next pick. They look sleek and classy and provide the necessary warmth without the appearance of being bulky.


When you are bogged down in your winter gear, the last thing you want to do is to lug around a large handbag. Therefore, go for a trendy backpack that allows you to carry all your essentials while keeping your hands free to take mesmerizing photos or to enjoy the local street food of your destination.

If you are minimalistic at heart and only carry the bare minimums, you can also opt for a crossbody bag that beautifully compliments the long, chic coats.


Jackets are no longer just a man’s domain; a women’s leather jacket can look sleek and lux, even when paired with a simple pair of jeans. Jackets might not qualify for an accessory, but they are a winter wardrobe staple and justify a mention here.

Women Leather jackets can be added seamlessly to any outfit. The quintessential black biker jacket looks perpetually classic and stylish, while the brown variant pairs flawlessly with dresses and provides the necessary warmth. A fur-lined leather jacket is comfortable enough for most temperatures. However, if the mercury drops too much, you can wear it over a snug, woolen turtleneck for added protection against the elements.

Final thoughts

Cold weather attire can be notoriously tricky to navigate, where a dull scarf can break your look or a flimsy pair of gloves can lead to frozen hands. You want the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort, with the added hurdle of keeping your luggage under the weight limit. Therefore, pack statement pieces that offer the versatility to be styled in different ways and simultaneously can withstand the climate’s harshness.

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