8 simple tips to make your outfit look expensive

8 simple tips to make your outfit look expensive

Most people love fashion but not all of them can afford a perfect closet full of luxurious clothing. Most of us spending time seeking good deals on essentials and don’t have time to curate a wardrobe. But don’t worry because there are many simple things you can do to make your cheap clothes look more expensive.

These tips will help your outfit look high-end even when you are on a tight budget and help your wardrobe to feel more designer than fast fashion even when it’s not the truth. Keep reading to find out the best ways to do a revolution for your closet.

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Bring everything to a tailor

One of the worst mistakes which make your clothes look cheap is an ill-fitting outfit. I know bringing your clothes to a tailor can cost you quite a lot of money but it will immediately make your clothes look like they were made just for you. If you are an economic shopper, you can buy clothes for a part of their retail cost using coupons and spend the money you save on a tailor. This way you will have a unique outfit that fits you perfectly. One size cannot fit everybody so there’s no point in buying clothes and expecting them to fit you well.

By bringing your outfit to a tailor, you can make a $10 skirt look better than a $300 skirt from a designer with just a few quick stitches. If any of your clothes don’t fit you perfectly, bring them to a tailor right away! It’s really worth your money.

Take good care of your clothes

Even if your clothes are cheap, it doesn’t mean that they are not delicate, they still may need specific care to stay in the best condition. When you purchase any new clothes, ensure that you understand the care instructions on each tag and follow them carefully. Also, always hang up your clothes instead of throwing them on the floor of your bedroom or balled up in the corner of your wardrobe. When you take good care of your clothes, they are more likely to last longer, which is essential both for investment items and for the lower-price garments in your closet.

Making sure that your clothes are always clean and well ironed or steamed is also what makes them look more expensive in the long run. A shirt that’s wrinkled and creased can make you look untidy, but once you iron that shirt, it will make your outfit look much more polished. By lint-rolling a black jacket before wearing it, you can make it look new and nicer. Likewise, you should consider washing your winter coat once a season or dry-cleaning your blazers sometimes to make you look better every time you put them on.

Focus on accessories

Now that your clothes fit you perfectly and are in the best condition, you need to focus on the accessories too. Accessories play an important part in making your outfit look expensive, and the best thing is that they are usually cheaper than clothes. Moreover, you can get many more wears out of a perfect bag, a good pair of shoes, or a fashionable pair of sunglasses than you would any other piece of clothing.

If you have enough money, make a few upgrades, go for some quality accessories such as a sleek leather bag for work, or for an everyday handbag that can match with everything. Get a pair of sunglasses that are classic in form and sturdy in structure. Or buy a pair of shoes that you can wear every day, and that will fit most of your outfit. If you want to have more high-end items in your closet, check out some retailers like Barney’s Warehouse, eBay to get them at lower prices.

Avoid distressed items

If you want your clothes to look expensive, you must avoid distressed hardware and fabrics because they can easily end up looking old and worn out even when you just bought it. Especially when you buy them at a super low price. Of course, there are some exceptions such as ripped jeans, which can look good at any price point, but other denim distressing methods are usually less convincing at lower price points so avoid them.

Don’t wash your clothes too much

Washing is not the only way to keep your clothes clean. If you wash your clothes too frequently, it will wear down the fabrics and fades the colors, which makes them look old and cheap. If your clothes get a small stain or a mark, spot clean it with a sponge or toothbrush. If it starts to smell weird, put it in the freezer for the night. The freezer can really help in this. You can easily get rid of the smell without having to wash your clothes.

Try an all-black look

Black is always considered as chic for a reason. Literally everyone looks good in a full-black outfit. Don’t know what to wear? Black. Don’t know which color to match? Black. A black outfit doesn’t only match everything but it also hides stains easily. Black can boost your look immediately and give a sense of class. If you don’t know how to dress today, just go for an all-black outfit to look fashionable right away.

Keep your closet simple

If you want to save money on clothes and still look good then you need to focus on the basics. Avoid jeweled embellishments or pleated tops or distressed and whispered denim because these items are really hard to look good if they are cheap. Also, you should think about streamlining your look as a whole. For instance, don’t use three cheap little bracelets to try to look more impressive. Just put on one bracelet whose thickness fits you well. Trying too hard may make you look disheveled.

Choose look-like-expensive fabrics but aren’t

One of the good ways to make your clothes look high-end is to go for fabrics that look expensive such as linen, faux suede, and cotton. Linen is not only comfortable to wear, especially during summertime, but it also looks expensive when matched with other things. Suede is also a material that looks expensive but it really is. You can go for a faux-suede moto jacket instead. This way you can save money and still manage to look cool. And last but not least, cotton is always the perfect choice when it comes to fashion. It’s not only cheap but also easy to watch, and has natural fibers that will make you feel comfortable.