3 Hard Decisions Made Easy When Selecting the Best frontal Lace Wig to Fit Your Lifestyle

3 Hard Decisions Made Easy When Selecting the Best frontal Lace Wig to Fit Your Lifestyle
Frontal Lace Wig

Over the years wigs have evolved tremendously. Currently with the newest trend, lace wigs, there are a plethora of options. These options in crafting your frontal lace wig can be cumbersome when you do not take into consideration your lifestyle and habit. There are three hard decisions that need to be made when selecting the best lace wig, bases, hair style and length. This guide makes these options easy.

First, let us examine your lifestyle. Questions you will need to answer about your lifestyle and habit are, Are you moderately active or sedentary? and How much time are you willing to devote to maintenance and hair styling? When looking at the various types of lace wigs available, we become a child in a candy store. During this, habits are forgotten. We fall in love with a fairy tale of possibilities such as falling in love with extremely long hair when we will only have time to maintain medium length hair. Answering these questions help push our desires closer to practicality.

The two most common wig bases are lace and polyurethane (thin skin). Lace bases allow the scalp to breath but are delicate. There are three types of lace bases, French, Swiss and Real Invisi® (made exclusively by LaceLocs.com). French lace is made with larger squares and a thicker lace material. Swiss lace is made from a sheer lace material that is slightly thinner in fabric thickness than French and has smaller squares. French and Swiss lace are both good for moderate to highly active lifestyles. Both are great for short term wear. However, French is recommended for new lace wig wearers and those with rugged hands. Real Invisi® is an ultra sheer lace fabric that is extremely fragile. Designed for photography sessions and studio lights, next to Polyurethane (thin skin) wigs, Real Invisi® wigs give a superior appearance of growing directly from the scalp. This lace type is intended for special occasions and not suited for everyday wear.

Polyurethane wigs give the greatest realism of hair growing directly from your scalp. The drawback to selecting polyurethane for your lace wig base is that it does not allow your scalp to breath. There are no holes in this material. When your skin sweats, there is no moisture escape. If you are moderately active, live in a warm or hot climate, this could become uncomfortable.

Hair style defines curly, straight, or wavy. The easiest way to decide between the three is to reflect upon your habit. If you are accustomed to wearing your hair straight daily with infrequent changes to curly or wavy, purchasing a lace wig with straight hair is the best option. This will save you time each day in styling. On the other hand, if you are ready for a new you, the opposite of your habit may prove exciting and rejuvenating!

Hair length can be like eating on a full stomach. Just like when ordering another plate of food when you can eat only one bite more, sometimes your eyes may be bigger than your belly. Keep in mind that less is more. Longer hair requires more maintenance and is subject to tangle easily. Even though the hair on lace wigs may be cut in various styles where length is decreased, why pay for what you will not use? Generally, the length of hair increases the price of a lace wig. It is recommended to purchase what your habits and lifestyle will allow you to maintain.

There are several more options to consider when buying a lace wig. However, the three decisions of base, hair style and length are the ones most people linger on the most. This is due to a lack of lace wig construction familiarity. Now that you understand the three major decisions, you are well on your way to picking your best lace wig to fit your lifestyle.