Top Rated BBCOR & Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide & Review


Do you play baseball or getting into playing? You will need to get a baseball bat. There is a lot of thought that goes into which bat is best for you. Do you know what you need to know in order to buy the perfect bat for your game?  There are quite a few steps in finding a good fit for you. To find your good fit you must know your style, the regulations of your game (college, high school, summer fun). If playing high school or college you will need to follow National and BBCOR guidelines according to The Baseball Bat Reviews.

What are the Guidelines exactly?

Let’s talk about the guidelines for buying the perfect bat for you.  Each age group has different types of bats they use for baseball play. After the age of 13, the bat has to be up to regulation which is a BBCOR. These baseball bat guidelines go by height and weight of a player to help determine the length of the bat in inches from knob to end cap. This is just a guide to help you find a good fit for your own stature and you may choose a bat of any size and weight as long as it has the certified stamp. If you are playing high school or college baseball any bat used needs to be BBCOR certified.

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution

The regulations of BBCOR are standards for adult baseball bats, measuring and regulating the amount of energy released when the ball is speeding and hits the bat. This helps to ensure all bats no matter the material all perform at the same rate. This regulation keeps baseball a fair game for all players/ teams.

BBCOR Certification

What makes a bat BBCOR certified though? To become BBCOR certified a baseball bat must have a length to weight ratio of -3 and most range in length from 29-34 inches in length. Finding the weight you subtract the -3 (the drop) from the length to find the ounces it weighs.  Most bats today are of aluminum or composite; which have pros and cons to each that depends on the player themselves.

Bat materials

Some things to decide when picking the materials are if you want something cheaper, as aluminum bats can be cheaper to buy. If you want a one-piece bat which can cause quick collision reactions such as the ping sound or vibrations on the neck of the bat go with the aluminum.  Composite baseball bats offer players some advantages such as a greater area for impact, less vibrations and tingling to the hands during ball to bat collision as well as longevity. It is no wonder that a composite bat may be more popular today with its life span possibilities.

Conclusion on Baseball Bats

Each player feels their bat differently than the next and as long as the bat that suits your style and is no longer than 34 inches in length and is BBCOR you should be safe. If you ever doubt any information you have you can ask your coach or umpire for more information as they should be up to codes and regulations for the age group.

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