Virginia Airshow

Only 5 days left to book your spot at one of Africa’s favourite airshows.

 Prepare to be swept off your feet as the highly anticipated Virginia Airshow makes its triumphant return to the skies above Durban, next Saturday 9 September, for the first time since 2014.

 The 2023 Durban Virginia Airshow is going to a spectacular day for aviation enthusiasts, families, and thrill-seekers, and Durbanites have a week left to book their spot.

With a legacy of being one of the best airshows in Africa, this year’s lineup promises to be one of the most exciting to date.

Highlights on the day will include displays by the MarksMen Aerobatic team, Puma Flying Lions and the Goodyear Eagles. The South African Airforce will be another showstopper with the Raptor and other legendary aircraft in action.

One of the partners making this year’s Virginia Airshow possible is Shell Down Stream South Africa. “Shell Aviation is a key sponsor of this year’s Durban Virginia Airshow as part of Shell Downstream South Africa’s 120 years of powering progress in South Africa,” says the General Aviation Manager at Shell South Africa, Lieketseng Bhengu. As a pivotal sector, aviation plays a vital role in propelling the nation’s economic growth. With strategic connectivity, cutting edge technology and a commitment to excellence, the aviation business in South Africa serves as a cornerstone for both domestic and international trade fostering prosperity and innovation across industries, while also uniting loved ones no matter the distance. Join Shell Downstream South Africa in celebrating the power of aviation to elevate South Africa’s economy to new heights as we continue our journey to be a proud nation builder.

Other sponsors of this year’s Durban Virginia Airshow include Starlite Aviation, Hollywood Bets, Southern Sun and AMRHO Tourism.

Captivating aviation skill and expertise will be delivered by some of South Africa’s top pilots. Pilots such as Patrick Davidson, Andrew Blackwood-Murray, Nigel Hopkins, Jason Beamish, and Scully and Ellis Levin have been an inspiration to young and old and continue to light up the skies and inspire aviation enthusiasts with their daring stunts. At a cost of R 140 for adults and R 80 for children, along with over 35 food and beverage vendors, this is an opportunity to experience a great day out in Durban and the extraordinary aerobatic talent that we have in South Africa.

Buy tickets online at or at any Spar countrywide.

Gates open at 08h00.