Toor Whiskey Launch - Jenni Elizabeth

A number of benefits of using an experienced and well-vetted event management company exist. When planning, organizing, and executing events, there are a huge number of advantages to using an event management company. Event management companies work together cohesively to ensure a successful event.

BConfident’s team of dedicated innovators thrives on creative thinking to execute an event in the most spectacular way possible. Event planners are therefore eager to learn about your specific event and get or acquire as much information possible to help your event run smoothly.

They take into account your overall objectives, timeline, guest count, budget, and personal preferences. The more information event planners receive, the more likely your event is to run exactly as you hope it will. confident Event Management has the skills, capabilities, and experience to work with its clients to produce some of the best, most exciting events in South Africa.


Event managers have the important job of ensuring that their client’s event runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Based on their client’s interests, they hire and supervise staff, reserve one or many locations, arrange catering services, organize entertainment, and set up other accommodations for the event. Professional event management will set an objective as to how they want your event to be executed or accomplished.

From there, the event manager meets with professional organizers, vendors, and other event specialists to develop an agenda for the event within the client’s budget. BConfident’s primary focus is to utilize its staff’s extensive knowledge to provide you with perfect event services – ranging anywhere from event concept and design to team-building and entertainment services. In choosing to hire an event manager, you are making a valuable decision to help your event to run as favorably as possible.


Professional event management requires a holistic approach to planning and organizing the event in question. There are a wide variety of benefits offered by utilizing an experienced event management company such as BConfident. Not only do we possess some of the greatest knowledge with regard to the perfect venues but we also have a wide variety of cutting-edge ideas that will work for the theme of your particular event. We provide expert recommendations and management for the focus and entertainment of your event on top of hunting out the locations, capacities, costs, menus, facilities, AV, set design and build, team building activities, evening entertainment, and furniture hire for your event.

All these ideas are then put together and combined into a strategic, clear, and detailed proposal for you to consider and present to your team.


Venue finding is the first step of the process. You need to know what type of event you are looking to arrange – a conference, product launch, exhibition, Christmas party, Channel Partner meeting, etc. You also need to know the ideal location which will depend on where your audience is coming from – if they are flying in from abroad you will need to be near an airport. If they are driving you may want to be near a motorway. If you are looking for a quiet country venue then your requirements here will be different and accessibility won’t be as important as the surroundings. Then you need to know how many people are expected to attend the event and how many function rooms you need. If it’s a conference you may want to consider breakout rooms but if it’s an outside summer party you will want a building big enough to accommodate guests on a rainy day or if the weather is better even consider a rooftop garden event.


You should also consider the catering – do you need a buffet, sit-down meal, braai, etc? Also, there are a wide variety of food requirements, cultural preferences, and allergies that must be instructed to any caterers. Also what onsite facilities are required?

– A golf course

– spa

– grounds for activities etc.


Once the venues have narrowed down, location visits can be carried out to ensure they will work for your particular event. Our event management team will then work with the venue and its variety of suppliers thus ensuring that the best prices are attained which helps save you from the often awkward process of negotiating.

Your delegates then need to be managed. This includes registration, assistance with travel, special requests, and communication. This is often managed through a mobile accessible online registration portal or even Event apps can be created if appropriate.

You will still have overall control of the event and decision-making process. BConfident Event Management will simply save you the highly time consuming work.


is a highly sought-after skill and assists businesses in creating and putting together the perfect event that is tailor-made according to the Brand and designed to captivate its target audience. Effective event management involves a number of underlying key areas that work in a holistic manner to produce a seamless and faultless event.

BConfident has been on the cutting edge of both corporate and private events for many years. We have worked alongside industry-leading brands to produce out-of-this-world event experiences resulting in customer satisfaction and customer retention. Contact BConfident for more information or assistance regarding your corporate or private event or wedding.

Toor Whiskey Launch - Jenni Elizabeth
Toor Whiskey Launch – Jenni Elizabeth