Savanna Premium Cider is back at Rocking The Daisies 2023

Savanna Premium Cider is back at Rocking The Daisies 2023
Savanna Premium Cider is back at Rocking The Daisies 2023

Hola South Ahhh

Savanna Premium Cider is making a return to Rocking The Daisies 2023 in an unprecedented way. Mzansi’s beloved cider is bringing its’ signature humour while keeping it crisp and dry. Get ready for a whole lot more ‘monate’ at the biggest music festival in South Ahh!

And this year, we’ve got your back! The ‘Savivi Daisies Code’ is your backstage pass to festival fun. It’s your playbook guide to the Dos and Don’ts to this nca festival.

Kayla Hendricks, Senior Brand Manager at Savanna Cider, is excited to be part of the festival, promising dry humour, music, and the unmistakable crisp Savanna taste.

But wait, there’s more! Savanna fans can unwind at ‘The Savanna Beach Bar’, enjoying great vibes, OR immerse themselves in the Savanna ‘MAZE,’ featuring the ‘One Hit Haha‘ stage and photo opportunities inspired by our very own Savvy variants.

Prefer manned photos? Say cheese at ‘The Angry Lemons’ fun zone with Savanna wrecking balls.

And don’t forget about the #LinkAtTheLemon Savivi Group chat. This is your trusted companion for solo adventurers looking to connect with new homies at the Savanna Chill Zone. To solidify those newfound friendships, head over to the ‘Savanna Cabanas’ – just book your spot via the RTD app and voolwa!

Rocking The Daisies is happening from 17 to 19 Nov at Cloof Wine Estate in Darling, Cape Town, and on 19 November at SuperSport Park in Pretoria with superstars Stormzy,J.I.D, Denzel Curry, and The Vamps ready to bring you the best experience of the season.

Remember to pace yourself, and stay hydrated while Savanna serves humour, music, and that unmistakable crisp and dry Savanna taste.

Here are the ‘Savivi Daisies Code’ Dos and Don’t’s to make sure you have dope time!

Rule 1

Embrace the 3 ‘S’s: Summer, sunscreen, and, of course, Savivi. These combinations work well at Savanna Beach Club.

Rule 2

Keep calm and keep your angry lemons in the cup. We don’t throw any shade except “Throwin‘ Shade @ the Savanna Chill Zone #LinkAtTheLemon

Rule No. 3

Don’t be the showstopper. Keep it nice and savvy. You’re already at the event; don’t outshine it. If you’re baewatching, don’t be too much.

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May the code be with you!

Savanna Premium Cider, it’s dry, but you can drink it.

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Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

For more information, follow Savanna’s social media channels or go to

Instagram: @savannacider

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Twitter: @SavannaCider

YouTube: SavannaCider


About Savanna – “It’s dry, but you can drink it.”

Savanna is a premium, crisp apple cider with a distinctive dry taste. It is one of the largest cider brands in the world and is available in over 60 countries. Since its launch in 1996, Savanna Premium Cider has won consumers’ hearts and funny bones with its intelligent, dry and witty sense of humour.