NELVEN Drops ‘Break A Broken Heart’ – A Pop Anthem of Resilience

NELVEN Drops ‘Break A Broken Heart’ – A Pop Anthem of Resilience
NELVEN Drops 'Break A Broken Heart'
NELVEN, the versatile artist known for his dynamic presence in the international music scene, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, ‘Break A Broken Heart.’ This electro-pop cover breathes new life into the song originally performed by Cyprus’ Andrew Lambrou at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023.
NELVEN, whose real name is Pierre Nel, showcases his musical prowess by creatively transforming the track into a commercial pop version infused with a pulsating dance beat. ‘Break A Broken Heart’ is not just a song; it’s an anthem of strength and recovery, exploring the journey of finding resilience in the face of heartbreak.

With ‘Break A Broken Heart,’ NELVEN has not only reimagined a Eurovision hit but has also added his unique touch, infusing it with a fresh and vibrant energy. The song’s infectious beats and NELVEN’s soulful vocals create an immersive experience for listeners, inviting them to dance through the pain and emerge stronger on the other side.


Speaking about ‘Break A Broken Heart,’ NELVEN shares, “This song is a celebration of overcoming adversity and emerging stronger from heartbreak. It’s about finding the power within ourselves to mend what’s broken and move forward. I wanted to infuse it with energy and positivity to create a pop anthem that resonates with people on a personal level.”

Beyond his musical talents, NELVEN is a multi-faceted individual, holding titles as a medical doctor and a professional model. In 2022, he earned the prestigious crown of Mister Global SA, adding another layer to his already impressive repertoire.

NELVEN’s ability to seamlessly blend his roles as a musician, doctor, and model sets him apart in the industry. With ‘Break a Broken Heart,’ he continues to push creative boundaries, delivering a track that not only showcases his musical talent but also inspires listeners to embrace their own resilience.

‘Break A Broken Heart’ is available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here: