Meet the Seven-Year-Old South African Beauty Queen: Miss Petite South Africa 2023, Krista Williams

Meet the Seven-Year-Old South African Beauty Queen: Miss Petite South Africa 2023, Krista Williams
Miss Petit South Africa Krista Williams. Photo credit: Annelize Mulder photography
Krista Williams, Smashing Modelling Stereotypes at a young age
At just seven years old, Krista Williams, a bright student at Curro Brackenfell Primary School, has achieved more in her budding modelling career than many of us do in a lifetime.
When she was crowned Miss Petite South Africa 2023 at the esteemed Miss Junior South Africa pageant held in Pretoria between March 30th and April 1st, Krista Williams captured hearts with her grace, poise, and natural talent.
Krista Williams
Krista Williams
In addition to winning the coveted title, she also took home a slew of other awards, including best in interview, best ramp model, best dressed in interview, best dressed in evening wear, most photogenic, overall face of South Africa winner, overall Junior Charity Award winner, and Public Choice Award winner. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, she also earned the highest score out of all the models aged two to 12, earning her the prestigious Best of the Best Junior Female Award.
Miss Petit South Africa Krista Williams. Photo credit: Annelize Mulder photography
Miss Petit South Africa Krista Williams. Photo credit: Annelize Mulder photography
Despite her youth, Krista is no stranger to the spotlight, having started modelling at the tender age of four. Her impressive resume already includes titles such as Tiny Miss Spirit of Hope 2020, Tiny Miss Glitz and Glam 2020, Tiny Miss Aquamarine 2021, Tiny Miss Queen of the World 2022, Tiny Miss Tourism South Africa 2022, Ultimate Grand Supreme Model of the Year 2022, and Miss Queen of Hearts 2022.
We had the privilege of sitting down with Krista to gain insight into the world of modelling and what drives her passion for the craft.
Modelling is more than just walking down a ramp. At only 7 years of age, what does modelling mean to you?
To me, modelling means being able to express myself, my personality, it gives me a platform to make a difference in my community and I get to wear beautiful outfits!
What is your favourite part of the modelling arena?
It is difficult to choose a favourite part as I love both ramp and photography. I enjoy walking down the catwalk doing my various routines. I also love doing various photographic poses.
As a young model in South Africa, how do these pageants assist you in building life skills?
Participating in pageants and modelling competitions has helped me develop important life skills such as building my confidence, being caring towards others through community outreaches, and improving my communication skills. It has also taught me the importance of hard work and dedication.
With this coveted title under your belt, what have you set your sights on next?
Now that I have this title, I am excited to continue working hard and following my dreams in the modelling industry. I hope to participate in more competitions and eventually become a successful model and role model for young girls.
Pageants require quite a bit of planning and can include various costs involved, who funds your pageantry and costings and what is the average spend per pageant?
My family usually fund the costs. It varies per pageant, some pageants are expensive as the costs include travel, hair and wardrobe.
The world of modelling is often stereotyped with catty behaviour and negative competition. How do you at such a young age deal with negative criticism or negative competition?
I tell my coach and mom if anybody is being nasty. There was a time where somebody touched my hair making it untidy and tugged at my dress. I stood up for myself and told her to stop doing that.
What was your favourite thing about this specific pageant?
My favourite thing about this pageant was when I was crowned the winner. I was very happy and proud of my achievement.
What did you do to keep your nerves under control during the pageant?
I didn’t do anything special. I just reminded myself to stay calm, confident, and enjoy the experience.
What do you think you’ll remember most about your experience in this pageant?
I think I will remember the feeling of excitement and joy when my name was announced as the winner, and the support from those who cheered me on.
How did you feel when you heard your name announced as the winner?
When I heard my name announced as the winner, I felt overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. It was an incredible feeling and one that I will never forget.
With her infectious personality, impressive achievements, and unwavering determination, Krista Williams is a young beauty queen who’s destined for greatness. Whether she’s dazzling on the runway or pursuing her many other interests, there’s no doubt that this rising star will continue to shine bright and inspire others to follow their dreams.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Krista and wish her all the success in the world.