Hunter’s: Refreshes The Rules of iGrind

Hunter’s: Refreshes The Rules of iGrind
Hunter’s: Refreshes The Rules of iGrind

The 21st century is permeated with devices 24/7. A local world has become a global world that is permanently connected. As a result, there is a workforce that never sleeps – a generation that suffers from grind fatigue very early in their careers in the quest to attain that elusive bag.

Hunter’s, a cider brand renowned for refreshing the rules of youth culture and, understands the pressure the youth is under, has stepped in to Refresh The Rules of The Grind with the aim to encourage disconnection from the Overgrind. The call is simply to cima and opt out of the overgrind for more life.

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To find out more about the overgrind they spoke to renowned author, life coach and speaker, Yvette Ratshikhopa. Hunter’s drives a very real & powerful message to call on the youth to cima and Opt Out of The Overgrind, not just when it comes to working too much but also trying to keep up with a demanding social life and making sure you are worthy of owning the beach come summer after a year of grinding in the gym. A couple of quick interesting facts came to the forefront:

• The normalisation of excessive hustle culture stems from quotes like “Money never sleeps” – leading to overgrinding and way too little Cima.
• The increasing cost of living is not matched by increases – as many as 43% of Gen-Z’s and 33% of millennials have a second freelance or full-time job besides their primary job.
• Achieving balance is hard – you can’t always be “keeping up with the Morokas”. Taking time out is good for you to live up to your full potential.

“As a brand, we celebrate and respect hard work, especially that of youth; the campaign aimed to shine a spotlight on toxic overgrinding that results in the breakdown of relationships, and on the mental and physical wellness of the young workforce. “Unfortunately, the youth believe they’ll fumble the bag if they don’t subscribe to the ‘hustle 24/7 mentality’”, we are refreshing this perspective. We challenge the success formula that glorifies toxic hustle mentality”, says Saarah Joubert, Hunter’s Brand Manager. “By no means are we saying stop chasing your dreams, we are simply encouraging the youth to unplug & refresh to become the best version of themselves”.

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Not for persons under the age of 18.
Hunter’s – Refresh The Rules.
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